Rank tier points are stuck. Why is no one talking about this? Edit: apparently fixed. Haven't verified myself yet

Ranked games are currently not increasing or decreasing your overall tier points.

Everyone on my friends list is seeing the same thing, along with some on the forums.

Say you’re at 17k skill points, you play a game and win and get 200 points. Your skill points will still show 17k.

It looks like this is only a visual bug though, as I managed to get promoted a tier during this issue (which is still happening since yesterday).

Also it no longer shows you what rank percentage you’re at for some people and even doesn’t show you in your tier listing at all for others.

Try it for yourself and see. Just make a note of your tier points before playing your next game.

@TC_Octus are you guys aware of this?


Glad someone brought it up. Was happening to me last night too. Stuck on 82% and never budging no matter how many points were gained or lost

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hopefully this post gets big because they haven’t said anything yet for two days now makes ranked pointless

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This is only half the issue. The other part is that ppl are getting -400 points in rounds where they get mvp. My team have been winning and we all get like -1700 points for games that should be around +200 points.

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I feel you’re pain imagine being Diamond 2 top 5% in TDM just to get reset to silver 3… I had to Grind all the way back to Get Masters #27 in TDM same thing happened in Gaurdian was onyx reset to silver 3 but im back at Onyx 3 now

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Yeah but this issue im talking about only started happening a day or two ago

yeah it became even worse but its also always been messed up so 90% of the gears community is stuck in silver

We’ve been heard


Apparently fixed

Thanks TC!

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Cheers for postingthis to the forum.

Good to hear it’s fixed. +1 TC.
-10 for having it not officially posted to the forum.

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Is rank still broken?
Winning almost every match today on koth with a lot of kils and points. Up time not sp bad either. Even tough the server is doing everything t f you in the anus. Losing points with every game. I was silver 2 10% yesterday now im silver 2 95%.
How is it possible to ever rank up in this game?