RANK TDM results annoying on diamond 3

Hi all, with rank diamond 3 its normal when you are mvp and don’t have points or little points ? I think that rank results is really annoying

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Question? Have you still been deranking but going positive? I thought TC did a complete revert of rank update. I deranked even though I was gaining a few hundred points.

No I have not lost rank

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I believe they mentioned they’re reverting it but no one know when it’ll go into effect.

Where you been at bro? Gears Tactics lol?

I’m pissed off at Tactics. In typical Gears fashion I got a game breaking glitch on Iron Man play through. The first boss fight placed me in with no ability to move or quit out. The boss stomped me dead because of this and it was game reset and match.


Oh man thats ■■■ dude.

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Lol. Glad I don’t have a PC

Eh, just a shame.

I’ve been around though. I played with @Metal_Gear_Mo for like 5 hours the other day.

Closing, please don’t start a new thread when the discussion on the same topic already exists.