Rank System vs Quiters

Just starting a thread for players who are being punished for having quiters.

comment " oh yeah yeah "

if you just want to play a good sweaty game of KOTH.

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Not all Quit the Game, many Player lose connection or Kick from Game while this game ist TRASH

I hope it gets fixed but I have very little hope for the game

Quitters are horrible in gears 5. But if it’s early enough in a match you’ll be able to quit and not get punished. You should be able to quit immidietly but sadly you can’t. The REAL problem is feeders. Every single match and I mean EVERY ONE. There is someone with like 1-5 eliminations and 10+deaths. That’s really sad considering in gears5 you get elim just for sneezing at someone. Ideally gears 5 is suppose to be based off individual performance according to TC but that’s a lie. No matter how good you do you lose tier points. You can be MVP win the match and BOOM -1,000+ tiers points…back to gears 4.


Add me im onyx 3 havent lost a game on koth since ranks reset besides for the fact that people quit in the 2 games i did lose so basically add me if you want a good teammate who knows how to play koth and doesnt quit

I lost a condiderable amount of points today due to a quitter.

Correct me if I’m wrong - but do you lose more points if a quitter quits and quits again after rejoining the game?