Rank system issues

So i met some german guys on gears fb site and we linked up to play dodgeball, can any TC employee tell me why when we won about 30 games (est) multi mvp, and about 3 losses i went down from 87.38% to 87.32 amd gained nothing? TC claims its about the wins after update, so whats up then? Just change it back to individual performance like seasons 0 to beginning of 3, its doing nothing but creating a divide among the fan base between good player, unknowingly novice players, amd the players who play ranked but dont care even if you ask nicely to help or change tactics so they lose you the game on purpose. So good people will make an exclusive 5 man and crush others, making them not want to play, which was your supposed goal, the change was extremely short sighted and something needs to be down about the ranking system.

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TC is a complete mess when it comes to versus play which is why I don’t play public versus anymore other than with AI. Like TC the ping matchup/catering for high ping players, rank, hit registration, and gnasher are a complete disaster. They think it’s a joke 2 years later not fixing it but sooner or later it will bite them back, all players even the ones that will buy cases for $$$ have a threshold.

If you post your concerns/feedback on the main ranking system discussion and feedback thread then I’m sure Octus will respond to your post and provide an explanation, seeing as he has been to replying to people’s post there.

For future reference anything pertaining to the ranking system should be posted there so TC can see all the discussions in one place.

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Yeah i myself am not buying gears 5 because of these practices, i get diamond every season but why should it be progressively harder on me when i use every weapon i can and try to be whatevers needed, yet stubborn players get catered to who hate the game, they use one out of 20 weapons and forgo most of the mechanics and whine about everything till its changed amd only good players suffer. Smh

Well put! It’s funny TC thinks o players just saying things but they will still play and buy our stuff, I got news for them yes their are players that talk a lot and no action but there are more players out there that they will have action. Example for me I used to love Call Of Duty but because of the BS which TC is following the same path I’ve not played in years there’re plenty of other companies and games to support. Not sure if it’s the west coast air or what but may be one day a leader will be hired there and fix the issues. Like I said in a previous thread it doesn’t have to be perfect just make it right.

I thoufht they were in canada lmao

Vancouver is on the West Coast of Canada.

As much as TC needs criticism, people seem to forget that no Gears game has ever worked properly. While I agree with everything people are saying, it’s odd to see people think of TC as being the problem completely… because I remember when we used to say some of this stuff word-for-word about Epic.

I’ve just come to accept that Gears will always be a problem filled game, with more problems the older it gets.

The good ol’ days, Epic used to basically say “adapt” when people complained. Now TC just says they’re fixing it and leave it at that.


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Lol ya Canada sorry just west coast in general I was speaking! :+1:t2:

They are the problem, they changed the ranking system to be a paradox, win games, but we expect you to win so no points, but you have to win games to get points. See that?

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Right, I’m not denying they’re to blame and for a lot. It’s just, people sometimes forget that Gears has been broken for way too long, not just Gears 4.

The ranking system in this game needs serious work. What they’ve done with it is so convoluted.

They’d be fools to not make it simple and more straight forward in the next Gears title or two.

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Well my money is on “theyre fools” lol, especially when everything they do is nased on word and not performance, 2% of the base was diamond for 3 seasons, yet it was silbers and golds that have the say so? Man, im shocked at the choice to listen to them considering they handed out onyxes for coughing on enemies

Because when they reduced your team and the enemy team to a fake single player 1v1 it decided that you were EXPECTED to win, as such no rank movement for you.

Think chess grandmaster playing a beginner: grandmaster’s rank will not increase after win…

So this system is just not appropriate for a team game where the rank is meant to be an INDIVIDUAL rank, not a team one.

A higher ranked team can beat a lower ranked team, but a low ranking member of the winning team can still seriously outperform and should be recognized for that, ala this:

TC just never bothered to even think about this iin their myopic focus on win/lose.


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Please keep the discussion on the Main Feedback thread about the Ranking System.