Rank system is broken

Hello. My gamer tag is Treflon 007 I am or I was a diamond three just two days ago. I was a diamond three at 96%. Now my friends I play with are not as high as I am. This should not hurt me on rank but it does and for this it’s broken. I’ve won more matches then I’ve lost. The other day we played and yes we lost a couple and also won a couple but I dropped 42% as a diamond three. Played two games won and then lost the next and I dropped 48%. After that I was upset at your rank system. I then played and won a couple and lost as well. Went to 0 %. Then I lost and it skipped diamond 2 and dropped me to diamond 1 at 88%. I won three matches in a row. Didn’t rank up and lost the fourth and dropped me to 54%. Why is this? Please explain because this is what annoys people. It’s wrong. Rank is damaged. Why can’t rank play like social mode? This is not cool and I want my rank back to where I was. Look at my stats and wins and how many times I’ve killed leader on Guardian. I guarantee I’m on top of the list on how many times I’ve killed leader in the amount of games I’ve played. I shouldn’t be lowered just because my friends aren’t diamonds. They are my friends and I want to play with them. Also if you look at all the other games out there like call of duty, titan fall, battlefield, and Fortnite. It doesn’t lag like gears. People have modded controllers, and you allow it. Please fix this issue.

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