Rank rewards today?

Weren’t we suppose to get rank rewards today? Booted up the game just now, nothing. Thought it was breaker mace. Nothing in whatsup either. Anyone know what’s going on? Or is this another fail to add to the list for TC…

I got mine

what did you get red?

guess i’m not the only one that didn’t get it if ghost didn’t

figured it out… you have to play a game to get it!

the breaker mace

I’ve played a game… still nothing… they are prob rolling them out individually like they did in gears 4

Edit/Update: So I got my ranked rewards just now, all I got was masters breaker mace and silver breaker mace (I’ve only played tdm and done my 5 placement matches for other modes) what gives? I thought it was highest placement plus everything below? Shouldn’t I have gotten diamond/onyx/gold breaker mace as well? Or am I wrong?