Rank reset again? October 9

So I worked my way up to Onyx 2 last night, after this whole rank reset ordeal on the 3rd. Today I hop online and my rank dropped AGAIN to Gold 3 and my rank points (18,400 last night) are now down at 8400… I have found NOTHING online about a second rank reset. Anyone know what’s going on? Or is this just gears being gears …


Did you play before the first reset? Just curious. So I got reset from masters to silver 1 last week - then this weekend I grinded back up from silver 1 to diamond 3

Today I played a match and unfortunately got d’ced but when I came back and lost the match my rank went up from D3 to masters, looks almost like they put me back at my rank of last week? I went to 19,900. So strange. Whatever I’ll take it I didn’t think I should’ve been reset in the first place

So my theory is that if you didn’t play for the first reset - they’ve reset you now? Can’t think of anything else because not everyone is being reset

I’ve gone from Onyx 1 to silver 2 and lost 9000 skill points in KOTH. I’ve already had my rank re calibrated once, I’ve put in so many hours to get my rank up over the last few days and then this happens. Makes me not want to play the game

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Yeah I’ve been playing since early access… idk what’s going on anymore lol

Were you actively playing matches between the reset periods? I really have nothing else I can think of. Only some of my friends got the reset too - but most of them said they didn’t play during the last reset

Ok I was just going to make a post about this. They must of did another reset. It looks like to me they reset us back to the rank of previous reset. So before I started a match I was at the same rank I was last night. I lost about 200 points and after the match I am exactly where I was before the first reset last week. I actually went up 37 spots. Looking at friends list all but a few there ranks jumped back up from silver to onxy. It seems like the ones whom didn’t play are still at silver. I only got in contact with one person and he did say he went from silver 3 to onxy 2. Same rank he was previously at. Hopefully they did give everyone there old ranks back. Anybody else have this happen to them?

I can’t really tell because I got reset from masters to silver 1 last week, but then this week I grinded from silver 1 to diamond 3 - today I played a match and went straight to Masters at a similar rank to last week - but I was so close anyway so can’t say for sure. But I did go UP in points without playing - so they did something.

I’m now roughly 40 points higher than I was before the reset so I’m around 19,900 something. Anyway glad it’s back cause now I can play another game mode again

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That’s good to hear. Hopefully people see similar results. Alot of player’s got screwed. I know alot of hours were wasted, well at Least TC is trying to fix something lol.

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Too true man… I wasted like 7~ hours grinding back and hated every moment of it. Lol

After the reset i went from diamond 1 to gold 3 after winning almost every match i played and getting MVP even on the ones i lost but recently i started ranking up after each match and i am back to diamond 1 somehow

I was almost back to where I first ranked in at and them bam, back down again. :expressionless:

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Yes, there was a second reset and no mention of this from TC. In the original announcement for 10/3 they stated “In the future, these kinds of changes will be smaller or happen at the start of a season. Sorry for any confusion. Going forward, we will announce any similar updates prior to them being deployed.”

Obviously players are experiencing another reset, including me. Why? Will these resets ever end? It sucks to grind my rank up and spend hours doing it only to have it gone in an instant. This needs to be addressed and fixed.

I am never going to feel confident playing and grinding my rank again, not knowing if it will all of a sudden change come next Tuesday. I mean they had a all of G4 to get this right and somehow are messing it up in G5? wth.


I was wondering if they were maybe doing the same thing that destiny 2 did with weekly resets to keep everything more competitive

Then TC needs to say that. There is no mention of this.

How is randomly resetting ranks more competitive?

I just went back up to Diamond 3 so I guess i’m happy because that’s where I was orginally before the major rank changes.

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Idk lol forcing you to work your way back up? I have no idea. I’m just annoyed I worked my ■■■ off all weekend to get to onyx and I’m back at silver again

it almost seems like they changed their minds and reverted people back to what they were before the update since some people are seeing an increase and stating this. so they put an update out and say this re-calibration needs to happen, probably got flak for it and now switched everything back which makes anything you’ve done since the update pointless?

i wish TC would chime in and let us know wth is going on.


I had a week off with this week, been grinding in sweaty ranked matches to try and improve my rank, actually started to make progress and then they just randomly take 9000 skill points off me without explanation and move me down 5 ranks.

To be honest looking back at this week I haven’t even enjoyed the grind. Playing ranked solo is infuriating, I’ve been back on US servers at 100 ping. ToD got boring for me at the start of this week. This reset is just the icing on the cake. I’ve defended this game but I’m actually starting to see it for what it is.

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Right there with you. I am a solo player and do not run with a squad in any mode. It’s very frustrating playing solo TDM or any mode for that matter. ranking up is harder and takes longer. To put the amount of time and effort to rank up only to have it taken away at the drop of a hat is ridiculous. They should of just left ranked alone. let season one play out then do that re-calibration BS at the start of season 2. now everyone is pissed and their rank is f**cked up one way or another.

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