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Stuck at 99.44% onyx 2 in execution and it says eligible for promotion what does that mean

Eligible for promotion often means you need to win a few more. You need to break that wall that separates your current rank from the one you’re about to reach.

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No one really knows what it means, but if I had to guess, it just means you can promote on any one of your next wins. But yeah, you still have to keep playing and get to 100% before you will actually promote. Once you hit 100%, just stop playing and wait for it to update you to Onyx 3. Honestly just ignore the “eligible for promotion” thing.

I think that speaks for itself as in you can potientially be moved up to next rank but not yet guaranteered.

Best to post your question in the main ranking system discussion and feedback thread as TC wants to keep discussion all in one place. Plus Octus will be able to provide a confirmed answer.

Well, you can get to 100% straight from, let’s say, 75%. But it won’t say eligible for promotion at 75%. It’s kind of weird how that’s done.

TC actually explained exactly what it means in a video once. They said it’s like reaching 102%. To show that you’re not just 100% this tier, that you belong in the next one.

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