Rank Placement Described / Meaning - Using the Japanese Feudal System

Peasants (Bronze)

  • Often Needs assistance, characterized as a “bot walker”. Usually Doesn’t grasp game mechanics, places low on leaderboards, sometimes used as “bait”. Used best, when assisting fire and marking.

Ronin (Silver)

  • Often Needs assistance as well, can muster up a good kill here and there, but don’t expect anything spectacular.

Samurai ( Gold)

  • Somewhat completely understands the game mechanics, depending on the day, they can give higher ranks a run for their money. But it is often their lack of strategy or over-eagerness to get kills that hinder them the most. It’s their low field iq that stops them from becoming daimyo,

Daimyo (Onyx)

  • Complete understanding of the game mechanics often has no problem dismantling lower ranks. Can appear to be shogun level on certain days. Often struggle becoming Shogun do to frustration of not reaping reward benefits. (% increase after good matches) However, with patience, he (or she) will be Shogun worthy.

Shogun (Diamond)

  • Complete mastery of the games mechanics, high field iq, usually places first on the leaderboard. Often only challenged by another shogun (diamond). However, can be overtaken by Daimyo if they underestimate their abilities. Excellent crossers as well, described as being the most “sweaty”. Depending on the Shogun, he can be a great addition to the team or massive hinderance, This is because Shoguns can sometime be overaggressive as far as pace and commanding teammates/ ranks lower then his. This can ultimately disrupte team chemistry,

This is just a little joke, this is by no means to be taken seriously and I don’t mean to offend anyone. I just thought it would be cool to maybe add some context to what your rank placement actually means, considering I rarely see topics discussing that.


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