Rank Percentages That Don't Make Sense

I don’t know how often this occurs, but the win/loss percentages are incredibly unfair in ranked. Recently I’ve been playing TDM with friends and after a couple of losses and finally a win, I decided to check the percentage to the next rank. I ended up LOSING percentage after the first win. After that I was stuck at I think 63.19% to the next rank. After 4 or 5 wins, it did NOT move at all through at least 4 wins. However, after one loss, it dropped 3% to 61 and continued to drop. My question for the coalition is, why is it that after a loss, my percentage towards next rank will immediately drop 3-5 percent, however if I have a string of victories, my percentage will not budge?

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You drop because you are losing.

Your winning matches that you are expected to win or comprise of lower ranked players therefore you are not gaining anything.

Yep. Lost 35% in 3 games again against a diamond 3+ stack. Love it. Thanks Coalition for a broken game.All they care about is the pros not us.

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Aw man that sucks :-1:

Especially when you spend so much time
Ranking up and then it gets wiped away so easily.

I have always said that percentage loss should be capped at 10% max - should be movements of about 1-5%

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It should also not count wins/losses against your individual ranking unless you’re playing in a stack.

It’s totally unfair that it makes predications based on 5 random people playing together for the first time.

In my experience, the predications are nearly always that you should win.

It seems to care very little about your performance, which is ironic given that it’s your rank, not a team ranking…


Yeah, again, I agree with this because it’s logical.

What the game has is a team rank however I like to play with people of various skills.

Therefore it should be based towards individual performance.

And also, like you said, unless your in a 5-man, the system cannot accurately predict what will happen because you most likely don’t have co-ordination, you don’t know each other’s strengths and play styles and you haven’t played together before.

Ranking does need a rethink.

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