Rank means nothing. Bad Internet Is Meta


I don’t even care about rank but I do get incredibly frustrated at how BS the shot registration is. I get chronically screwed by this game and it’s easy to verify in clips. The only thing that works for me is to wallbounce heavily and expect to put on 200% of the damage necessary.
During gameplay my teammates will often hear me say, “I’m tired of having to kill these guys 2X”. Meaning, it will often take 2 or 3 gibs to stop a guy with a bad connection. Some days, even that isn’t enough because I’ll get killed before my screen even shows them in a position where they COULD kill me and then they are snapped to another position.

The only positive I can draw is that it’s made my movement better because I’ve grown accustomed to having to do twice the work I should.


I would like to achieve some sort of accomplishment by getting to D5 but honestly it’s not even worth my time if I’m going to get cheated out of wins from worse players and their terrible connection.

There’s absolutely nothing competitive about this game if they can’t even get the net code right.

----Moving to Mexico. See you guys when I’m a D5. I’m sure it won’t be hard when I’m impervious to damage.


This is so depressing to watch. To make it even worse, majority of us will continue to purchase the next game with the SAME freaking problems.


We are such suckers…

Gears 5 beta better be flawless as far as connection and netcode goes or I’m done with the franchise. Gears UE has major sponging problems. Gears 4 has it as well, if Gears 5 shows any signs of sponging or net code issues then I’ll just main another game to play. Probably something PC exclusive.

3 strikes you’re out. If they mess up Gears 5 then that’s 3 games in a row that I’ve complained about sponging that never gets addressed.


True. I want to like TC but it’s hard when it feels like they don’t like us. They don’t communicate with their fans, they leave problems unaddressed unless they HAVE TO fix them.


Redbox, play through the campaign on casual/normal just for the story. Never play again.

It’s funny in a way, I was never good enough to really see these things or be affected by them, but as I"m getting better, I’m seeing more and more what you guys have been talking about for years. Maybe not so much my shots not registering (I still miss a lot of the times) but I definitely see THEM killing me in timeframes or angles or situations where I’m thinking “whoa, that’s some Medusa magic going on there…”


You can always save some money and downgrade your internet package to be laggy like them. Or even use a hotspot, tether from a smartphone or get on your neighbor’s WiFi if it’s open.

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Yea, you’ll notice more as your eye sharpens to the quick movements. I have studied boxing technique for a long time so my eyes and mind have become good AI picking up on fast action. My optometrist even said he’s never had a patient with quicker ocular responses. So, naturally, Gears drives me right up the wall.

And, when I see things not making sense it makes me choke big time because I stop trusting my muscle memory and just start hard aiming.


hard aiming isn’t terrible if you guess right.

This game is perfect. We just have to git gud.


or we can just all go over to anthem!

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I have many questions

Wait until the Mexico City Open on Feb. 1st - Feb. 3rd… Every praise under the sun about Mexico and the Mexican Gears Community (and subsequent comparison to all other countries players) will flow from the announcers’ mouth that I’m going to have to create a drinking game to play along with… that is, until I mute the whole event or pass out shortly after, which seems highly likely to happen after the first 15 minutes since I should already be plastered by that point.

Nothing like playing a match against a south of the border squad or opponent that has an immediate unfair advantage over me from the start, getting beat down, tea-bagged and being the recipient of taunting messages in a foreign language during and after the match … then later watching a stream where I am being told I am just not as loyal and lack the passion of this guy from Mexico (who literally has 115 gamerscore, and 36 hours put into the game).

Ahhh… Gears Loyalty is such a strange beast…



LOL this is hilarious


Turns out I only have 1 question - That was a bot, so how did it eat the shot lol? Unless I’m missing some hidden joke here where bots don’t sponge and we’re all just bad players/bad game design. My only other guess would be other player connections effect bots which seems silly.

Yep… You got me man. That’s the main reason I took the clip. If it had been another player then whatever.

But… If my connection to the server is good and stable, which it is, and I’m facing up against a bot who has no latency… Then I’m confused. Maybe they get home field advantage since they live on the server? Lol

Unless… What if there’s a master server that holds the bots…and those bots are then connected out to other servers as needed for matches? That could cause latency.

Just kidding… That’s the stupidest thing ever. No way the network engineers decided to do that… Right? :roll_eyes:

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