Rank match quitter

Why can’t random join in a rank match like a social?It’s so annoying when people quit in rank a match especially when it’s a close match or the game just start and they quit. At least give us a bot or let us invite friends or a random person. Quitters in rank match just ruins the game. Can’t even get diamond cause people always quit on my team or enemy team.

Fix this quiting in rank matchs ? Give us bots and let us invite friends and randoms like social. Please

There was a discussion on this topic here:


No no no no. Pleeeease not bots in ranked!!! Please no!

And how do you think the ranking system should work for somebody who joins mid game? Or at the very end of a game? How should it work when you join a ranked match and instantly loose?

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How it work in call of duty.

I think they should give better rewards for staying or win streak or something .

Fine, but also give me the option to opt out of joining in progress. I have no interest in joining matches where a team is already getting demolished. You can’t get the feel for how a game feels if you’re placed into an already chaotic match. I’d just bail if they placed me in there anyway.

By the way, I hit Diamond in S3 even with quitters on my team. It’s possible but it certainly is an uphill battle. Your best bet is to get a group together rather than playing with random players who will likely quit anyways.