Rank keeps going down even though I'm winning

Winning every round yet my rank goes down each match I play


im experiencing the same, this is super weird - I was onyx 3 in TDM now it keeps downgraded until Gold 1 - Super Weird !

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Same here wtf

I was in onyx 2/3 last night and this morning on KOTH, then every game in the last few hours I’ve moved down even though I’m always getting +skill points. Now I’m at gold 1 ??!

Broken game, seriously if they can’t even get that right what’s the point ??? Buying fifa now fk this

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There is an adjustment period going on.

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The same has happened to me. Last night I was onyx 1 king of the hill on 18000 skill points, I’ve just played some ranked games and it’s took 9000 skill points off me and I’m now silver?!? What the hell, that took hours and hours to build up and they just take it away? I’m uninstalling this game it’s garbage.

thanks for the updates, we’re not sure whats going on

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