Rank is very wrong

I’m sure many have posted already and I won’t be the last but the ranking system is wrong.

I won’t even bother with the game itself and the ping rate etc.

Here is where its wrong. Some of your team drop out if they are doing badly so it’s often 5v4 or worse 5v2 you stay and fight. lose and end up with a massive drop.
My last like this was almost 10%.

Next game I played I was in fact, on the winning side doing well #1 spot on our team and one by one the other team quit till they all quit. Did my % go up? MVP, 10 to 1 kill ratio captures of rings as it was KOTH and I didn’t even go up 0.01%.

How is that possible? I’m running gold 3 and I would say that’s about right for my skill level maybe creep low onyx 1 at best, high gold 2 at worst.

How can I expect to gain if I never have a team that stays in the game and I get penalised for staying but get nothing for winning and 90% of the time I’m in the top 3 on my team win or lose.

If one player quits out there is no insentive to stay and finish the game as you drop less by quitting than staying and losing.

I see people post “it takes into account if people quit” my a$$ does it. If that was the case why didn’t I go back up 10% when the other team quit and I was MVP etc the ranking system needs sorting as it’s wrong.

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