Rank is still not working

We lost 3-5 and i won MVP and still lose huge amounts of points, the amount of points gain for performing good are so low compare to playing “badly”. In most game i have been playing since the update, any team has 1 quitter or 1 afk.

Next game after last screenshots

We won 5-1 with 1 quitter after the 2nd or 3rd round, i won MVP again still lose point

3rd game We won 5-3, i didnt get MVP i didnt screenshot but i was 2nd or 3rd. MVP got around 1800 points, i got 1564

4th Game - 1 day after the previous 3 games

2 enemy players were afk in the first round
1 team mate was afk in the first

1 Enemy quit mid game, the other just before the game was over

5th Game - I was 2nd on my team, 4th overall. Won 5-2 and the points seem to be working better

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I noticed this to. The losses are super punishing compared to points gained. And the punishment is there no matter if you get mvp on lost games. No matter if you outscored the other 9 people with double the amount of points and This is crazy. Win 4 games lose 1 then you back where you started.

Honestly it has been working for me. When I do bad and lose I go down. There have been times where we won and I did pretty good and only gained 50 points .


Is way too hard to achieve new tiers, they really need a new way to set those points, Getting mvp and losing should give you atleast 0 points, no punishment

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Won a game earlier 2-1, most pts on my team, but 2nd in the game. Lost 650 while a teammate who’s same rank lost 97.

Gears just sucks, update didn’t fix ■■■■

The ranking system is like an arena team shooter like overwatch. It’s an abomination. Overwatch was cool for like 6 months then the game got old.

A class-based game like Overwatch isn’t considered an arena shooter.

I have similar situations. Round losses are HUGE and round wins regards of how well you did do not give nearly as many points almost always netting a negative score. You have to win 3-0 or 7-0 to go up.


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I just wanna know are you supposed to lose thousands of points per round on koth even if you play decent and your team wins the round.

I mean I play sweaty struggles in my Bronze 1 Gears 5 lobbies… for the heck of it played 4, 5 games on my Onyx Guardian lobby… won all 5, got MVP in 2 of them… clearly rankings are just fine (sarcasm)… the sweat and the breeze of wreckage are 100% flipped

Ftr my point is, the only reason my Bronze games are more of a struggle than my Onyx games in 4, is cause I suspect, like me, theres Gold and Onyx level players that are stuck in Bronze with the messed up system

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I haven’t lost 1000 poinsts since the update

Plenty of people have though. Which indicates that it’s not fixed.

For the people who haven’t experienced it, that’s great… But you can’t discount the people who have.

I’ve had it happen on the day the reset happened (lost 1k and 600 iirc). I lost 700 points in a game the day after…

But last night I played and the points all seemed fair.

So the jury is still out, in my opinion.
I hope to see a continuation of how it worked last night, as it was much more enjoyable

It seems to work other than when compensating for quitters, which has still not been solved from my experience.

Outside of this, the ranking is just really harsh and demands absolute perfection from you in terms of outdoing your opponents AND teammates.

Being a self-critical player, I’m able to more less tell exactly what will happen due to my performance. I go up getting 2nd or 3rd place overall but playing really well but not getting MVP due to a low amount of caps. I go down when getting MVP with over 100 elims and 40 downs but I know I played poorly. It isn’t all about the scoreboard.

Idk I still dont believe it to be working right, had a game last night with my buddy, went 17-3 and got MVP only gained 6 points… yet another game earlier I lost, didnt do horrible but still not as good as that 1, gained 110

Its still very inconsistent to me

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