Rank going down constantly

when i first started this game, i climbed the ranks to diamond 3

Log in one day, noticed i was demoted to onyx 1

again, log in one day, noticed another demotion down gold 1,

i just won the game, was top of my team, i watched as i was demoted down to silver 3 , despite being the top performing player on my team

i’m honestly lost for words here


Yeah the ranking system is trash , I don’t think TC is hearing any of this , they are killing their game …


There still a tCanadian Thanksgiving dinner I think! Probably not but someone must hear all these people on the forums. I just think they want Gears 5 to be what they think is the best not what the players want. Epic always communicate with the people on the forums daily. Flak was Awesome she was on here daily. She would do community events hosted by GCON witch I was apart of so was hooligan and many more awesome community members. We hosted events every weekend for months of the year giving away real prizes and free dlc map packs and more. I have never seen the coalition do anything other then esports! That’s like 1% of the player base. I hope they change there ways soon before they loose there game to another developer!


If only…

I doubt that will ever happen though.

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It’s not your fault and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s happened to everyone and you just have to go through the brain-dead grind again. IMO just ingore the ranking system entirely. Play to play and if that’s not enough to keep you interested, then don’t play. They keep toying with it and have introduced at least 3 different bugs since launch. I expect them to keep fking it up even more.