Rank gameplay reset

Why has the ranks been reset again because off this update? What is the point in me playing ranked and getting so high to get reset everytime there is a big update, i was on and off masters and diamond 3 for koth since the last reset and now ive just done my 5 games for koth and its put me at silver 1, that is just a joke.

Rank is supposed to last the whole Operation,

A reset was don’t recently because the system got updated and it was the only way to implement according to TC.

So this time round, you should have a lot more time - unless TC does another big change that they feel needs a reset.

Either way, I find that the ranking system figures out your rank quite fast.

Usually takes max of 5 days to get to where I normally am and then any small gains / loses are thereafter.

It’s still useless and broken. They will always reset the life of the game.