Rank demotion? Why?

I was top 9% of Onyx 3 and after just 2 games, the first one which we lost a close 2-1 where I was top of our team, and the second game which we easily won 2-0 and I was MVP , I’ve somehow gone down to Gold 3… what the hell has happened here?

I hadn’t played ranked for a few days as I was running through escape working on some medals for Tour of Duty. But surely that can’t be the reason…

Has this happened to anyone else?

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you dropped 3 levels in 2 matches? wtf? i have been stuck in one level and can’t get out of it since the game launched. i finally made it to the top 1% and have been there for the last 2 days win or lose.

Yeah bro I have no clue why. Im top 99% of Gold 3 too so I fear I’m gonna be demoted even more as after the first game i was top 99% in Onyx 2…

https://www.gears5.com/live-update-oct3 , some ranking adjustments.

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Thank you . Still don’t quite understand how I’d go down a whole 3 tiers (probably more since I stopped after those 2 games), but at least there is an explanation for it:+1: