Rank climber challenge

So started playing the 6000 kill challenge yesturday. Went to check on my progress in my achievements but i had made no progress!!! Why were none of my kills recorded??? WTF!!!

Were you playing in Ranked playlists?

Needs to be in ranked (competitive 2.8, social quickplay and competitive warmup do not count).

Despite the tweets I saw on Twitter from Dana, Comp 2.8 was working for me for gaining progress. Although I’m unsure if it still works.

Yes ive played tdm…koth… nothing gave me kills

I know this may seem obvious but since it’s 6000 kills you’d need 60 kills to go up 1%. If you got over that number then I’m really not sure.

You can still get .01%, also it’ll show a whitish add-on on the progress bar that shows what you’ve done. I think no matter how little you did you’ll see the extra white part if you favorite the achievement and turn on the achievement tracker. It’s neat. You can see exactly when you make progress.

I’m at 8% right now by just playing KOTH

So it doesnt even show any progress for my husband either… we both play so i dont get it… he at least should have 100+ kills… im probably in the 40-70 range…
my lil bro plays too and he has 2%… we play together… the three if us… is anyone having a glitch or is it just me?

Works for me I’m about 10% and I’m playing scarcely these days. 60 kills per 1% as someone already mentioned.

If you have under 60 it won’t show any progress, and given you have between 40-70, it doesn’t seem to be broken

the little bar might be colouring in slowly, but numerically, as Frien says, every 60 kills will move it 1%.

use http://xbl.kodekassen.com/ to check exactly the number you’re on. Its a great tool and i wish i had created it.
EDIT: In fact having checked your GT: You are 4 kills shy of the 1% marker

I noticed there is a delay on my tracker. It’s showing 16% progress but should be 18%.

It should update eventually

You need to play ranked for your kills to count towards the challenge. Also progress can now be tracked live on the My Rewards page: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/my-rewards