Rank and Quitters

So I keep losing because people keep quitting on my team and then I lose rank percentage because of this. I thought rank wouldn’t be affected as much if I have people quit on my team. Anyone else have this problem?




Everyone does, unfortunately thats how the ranking system is unfortunately, you still get punished severely for quitters.


You would probably lose even if those people hadn’t quit. Also, people could abuse the system if you didn’t lose percentage. They could just get smurf account on your team to quit when they knew they were going to lose.

And one detail you should know: the rank is calculated round by round. So if someone leaves partway through round 1, it will count that whole round as a 5v5. The next round, it will calculate it as a 4v5. Therefore if someone leaves near the beginning of the last round in KOTH, it will count the whole game as 5v5. That’s what they’ve said on a livestream at least.


Ok thanks for the information

Its a lie, your rank will still drop and TC still wont give a ■■■■

Based on that comment, i feel as if you are a salty player.


Nope…1st time I’ve heard of a problem like this…

I just had a player leave my ranked game 5 seconds after it started, and the match just continued as a 4v5. Why is this how ranked works? Can we get a grace period of 2 or 3 minutes at the start of the match where if a player leaves, the match will disband, and only the leaver will suffer a loss? That’s what Overwatch’s competitive mode has.

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