Randoms vs masters Unbalanced matchmaking

So apparently the game is so unbalanced that im being put up against people who are masters… Yet i get deranked for it and i cant get out of gold 1 cause of the ridiculous point swings. Pretty sure that’s broken cause ill drop to silver 2 completly destroy the other team just to have felt like 5 hours was wasted cause im back to where im at again

… Pretty sure 90k tier points as a team is considered a team with masters on it… ? And anyone says otherwise is proving this is a bug in the game

Game is unplayable… Clearly the game knew i was going to lose cause the other team is favored negative 2000 points is straight bull$#*!

Yup its definitely not working right.

Well atleast you are not in bronze 1 facing off against masters and grinding up all the way to the cusp of bronze 3 to have like 4 games in a row where your team does nothing and you immediately fall down the ranking again to bronze 1 lol. I am fine playing against master players but against master stack teams when I have legitimately bronze players on my side is just ridiculous. I cant even blame this on TC. The playerbase is abysmal which is clear from these pairings. I blame TC for creating the climate and low playerbase with bad design decisions and mismanagement on top of the lack of any sense of urgency in fixing the broken state of this game.

The game isnt even a year old and it has the player base of a game nearing the end of it life. They botched this bad. Maybe Gears 6 will be better. For now if they just tuned the core mechanics and fixed the lousey hit registration I would take that as a win. However at the rate they have been moving that will be in a year or two.


Lol you cant blame your bronze teammates for sucking. It is absolutely TC’s fault. No bronze should ever be facing a Masters.


Agreed. But with the playerbase being almost non existent due to neglect by TC we would be looking at ludacris matchmaking times as a result. So I am sure that they have it situated to compensate for the lack of players. Ultimately is it TC’s fault? Yes, this game was a flop. But I dont think it’s the systems fault it’s doing what it is designed to do. Everytime I see expanding search pool pop up I know that it’s going to be a ridiculous swing in skill for teams.

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Have you thought of posted this thread on Ryan clevens, thread spending more time here? He welcomes it and he may see it.

I can’t remember max personal skill points when you reach masters is 20,000 right? Below that to around ~18,000 is diamond ?

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Its not the systems fault. But i dont know how you get people into this game if they have to face Masters as Bronze 1. I guarantee most of them are quitting after they get absolutely annihilated.

I think that’s broken too, I’m at 19.6k and still onyx 3 somehow


Well maybe third times the charm for fixing ranked! Or is it the fourth time now? TC will eventually give up or just copy and paste Gears 4’s system I bet ya.

Im assuming most of the player base received suspensions