Random loss of 100 GP

never quit a game? and lost 100 GP
makes no sense.
buddy tried to start the matchmaking up again and it said I was suspended for 14min?

Its a quit or perhaps u got kicked, what happend at the end of ur previous match?

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Supposedly if lobby breaks and matchmaking restarts you loose your GP(on some instances) and it is reimburse either immediately or it takes a match or 2. Supposedly. I have noticed I lost GP and only on a couple occasions I got it back. I don’t think it is working properly but TC did mention it on a stream.
Yeah I got a 15 min ban also before lobby was even completed it didn’t affect my gp though. It is frustrating though getting banned before match even starts.

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played the whole game we lost 2-1 koth I lost 40 GP next game we search im not in there lobby they back out of search to pick me up and we try to search again then I lost the extra 100 GP

Possible u got kicked and the gm dnt show it, its a common thing to happen atm.

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yeah Hope it gets fixed first time that’s ever happened to me and I never quit!
hopefully I get it back but if not oh well just gotta win some more lol.
it’s frustrating for sure though.