Random execution options for weapons

as said an option letter to be able to make random execution that you have already unlocked in the style of titanfall 2.

never played that game… is it good man ?

In my opinion it’s quite fun and enjoyable. Not sure if you played Titanfall 1 but the movement is very fast paced and unique with creativity.

If you have PS4 it’s free with PS+ at the moment too and the game is still fairly active for how old it is.

yes man I have a PS4, Ill give it a try… being honest I’ve never tried that game before… but sounds interesting Ill give it a shot.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

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what I was referring to is the example of being able to choose randomly and when you make an execution of the weapon, one of the ones you have in possession comes out.

My main issue is that some executions take longer than others. I’d be pretty annoyed if I got killed because RNG gave me a longer execution at a key moment. :wink:

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Literally the main reason I miss the curb stomp, it was one of the faster executions of past games and it was universal for all weapons…