Random disconect in rank...can't rejoin, and banned

Sadly my clip recorded just the end of when it happened. But as you can see i didn’t manually quit, and as soon as i was kicked out of the game i wanted to rejoin but couldn’t. No option to rejoin, and it was 6-3 for us in a 2v2, it happened so fast maybe 1 round had time to pass and thats it… i should had been able to rejoin… I didn’t see peoples run in walls or anything like an usual internet loss, it just BOOM kicked me out. A loading of around 10-15 secs top, then try to rejoin and can’t. Had to waste time in quick match because of it. Not fun when you enjoy 2v2 rank and thats what you want to play. Im sorry but im starting to hate this penalty system a lot because of random issues like this. If you look at my stats on the leaderboard in 2v2 (easy im currently 30 season) you will see rank disconect 0, so what was that?

Look i never liked quiters either, but if anything i had more issues with idle player in 2v2 than actual quiters. There is no penalty for idle and it take too long to be removed for the rounds duration.

It happens to everyone every now and then. Literally nothing we can do about it, sometimes the option to join the match is available.

At least the 2 QP matches go by fairly quickly.

Not quick enough. You have to do 2000 pts so this mean you must (unless you have a combo of team doing nothing and you beasting in other modes like execution or guardian) do control/koth and those games can be pretty long.

Right now at least with the esports event you are kinda guarenteed to get a control match (cause nobody vote for execution as its just not popular anymore these days and escalation is just so tedious due to this weapon voting between rounds) but one evening the game crashed due to text chat attemps (i learned lesson and now never use it) and i litteraly had to waste 1h30 min in quick because i could just not do 2000 pts, either it was TDM or such and the game (despite a win) ended too fast. I was so mad…

Look, it sucks to loose a game you were leading 6-3 and that was pretty much an almost guarenteed win, but its like adding insult to injury that on top of loosing that win you get rank banned. The game should recognize that if you don’t do start-quit you shouldn’t be banned from rank. Like i know some peoples would go as far as to shut down their modem or whatever, but that in itself is so tedious that if they do this then they gonna loose time anyway.

I say you can do 2 matches in under 30 minutes.

2k score is actually a little bit. Classic Objective, you can get 2,000 score within the first round.

Like i said its easy in a KOTH or control game, the problem is those games last sometimes very long, you get the 2000 but gotta finish it too.

If you get Guardian, TDM, Execution etc, this is when it can be an issue. Shorter games, but you may very well not do the 2000, even if you decisively win

In any case when like me you play the leaderboard and try to aim for the highest possible without burning out lol (and anyway enjoying that mode specifically) its a big annoyance to waste time on something else when its not your fault… like not even your internet… its litteraly the game’s fault.