"Random" Daily Horde Mutators

Its not really random at a individual level, its just been the same sets set to repeat for the past week or so, heck today’s challenge set was one we had 2 days ago. :neutral_face:


We also had this same set on Lift on the first day of Op 5. Maybe when it was said the modifiers are random it actually meant, the combinations are predetermined but which one is chosen is random.

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Well I hope its just bad RNG then, because I’m dying for a new set to try out, don’t get me wrong, its a nice change of pace playing with new challenges to try but even those get old.

Watch them add Even Stronger Enemies and Freezing Hammerburst Drones. That would be brutal.

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I love how these same “random” mutators ruin the fun for demo and tactician mains /s


The Blood Drive daily in particular. Weaker bleed and explosives.

Freezing Enforcers and Mulchers are equally annoying but currently only in Escape. I’m surprised we haven’t seen anything in regards to the Shock Chain modifier for various enemies yet in Horde.

Having said that, I absolutely despise freezing bullets, although they are less unbearable when it comes to the Snipers(Longshot ones, not EMBARs as you can’t even try to shield your teammates from that). Plus freeze damage is stupid in how it results in instant deaths for players(and not very realistic cause you wouldn’t be capable of freezing a body to a point where it shatters in a few seconds). But they’re just even more ridiculous in Horde where everything downs in 3 shots or less unless you get lucky. Would you want freezing Claws?

Also not too keen on “Take your bleed and explosives elsewhere” to be favoring use of sniper characters or ones that can do significant amounts of headshot damage, even if those so far haven’t come with any health modifiers.

Current daily on Allfathers has the same ones.

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I hope we get more helpful mutators too, the triple melee damage buff mutator from the other day made playing Brawler way more fun to use with All the Glory.

They do seem a little repetitive at times. But it is a good idea in principal. I like the one where fortifications are 10x more expensive effectively forcing you to play just with weapons and perks. It makes a nice change.

I have enjoyed the double headshot damage as it gives me a reason to play marksman and anchor. But so far I havent played a daily that favours playing as a blademaster. Maybe I have missed one but I would love to see one with triple melee damage but reduced ballistics damage, making it ideal for blademaster and protectors.

I feel like the point of the mutators was not only to provide a varied challenge but also to encourage people to pick different classes and skill cards to explore the whole range. But as yet some classes are missing out.

Imagine a modifier where sentries and fortifications do triple damage but all weapons except pistols only did 1/3 damage. Could be fun.

I was playing a level 19 Blademaster when the melee damage was x3.

Perked out, using a Breaker Mace…I felt like a god.

Surely there must be more ways to vary them than the current approach? Seems like escape has a ton of interesting mutators?
The only daily I’ve not seen return in the exact same state but on a different map is the mutators from Bunker.

Five words : Sentinels, Guardians, Bastions and Kestrels.

I don’t think it was exactly popular fighting ridiculous uber sponge and lethal enemies while sniper characters were rendered close to useless by the “fun not so fun” bobble heads BS and having Kestrel and Stump spawning in at the same time(mostly the Kestrel would be an issue but me and my friend ended up just turning off one of the health modifiers because it was ridiculously annoying and unbearable).

A horrible one today!


  • only regen in cover
  • more lethal
  • must active reload
  • more health
  • bobbleheads
  • enemy regen

Could it get much worse than that?

Not sure which mutator to switch off in a public lobby and switch survivor on for. What do you think is harder? Must active reload, or only regen in cover?

I would switch off the bobble head BS unless you don’t want to use any snipers or cheese Marksman + Veteran. You spend most of your time in cover and try to hit active reloads anyway.

I’d keep Must Active Reload on, it’s such a non-issue mutator and you should be hitting actives all the time anyway.

Hitting active reloads was made easier by having Master Marksman card.

Yeah just ran it with survivor off but we didn’t wipe anyway so could have switched one of the specific annoying ones off. Ran master matksman so that was easy.

What is the deal with bobble heads? Do you have to aim high, or low, or in the middle? I thought it would just give us bigger hit boxes but no, it just looks silly and makes it hard to judge.

It’s muscle memory. Sometimes the game didn’t even jam my weapon when I hit the “regular” active. The only issue is TCs ridiculous thing where the perfect active bar gets smaller every time until you miss it.

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I hate that mechanic. I can be on a roll in X-ray, but I’ll inevitably miss an active at some point due to this. Really grinds my gears

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Pretty sure the active zone getting smaller was a thing since the first game.

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