Random combat medic bleed

I don’t know if anyone has encountered this before but apparently combat medic can get a random bleed damage to enemies.

I swear, no jokes. When I play combat medic it gives the combat medic a random bleed.

I don’t how this is done or what makes it cm to bleed.

Anyone encountered this before?

Escape, horde? Any cards that you particularly run? That might be a start for people to try and replicate it.

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It happened in horde, I don’t play escape anymore… As for cards, I normally change them so often.

Edit: I Apologize, I should be more specific.

I’ve played CM a lot and have seen it being played a lot. I currently can’t think of any way that CM could potentially cause bleeding damage unless sitting on the Turret of the Mechanic and that somehow breaks one of CMs card mechanics.

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Hmmm, maybe I was bit tipsy that day (as I do drink alcohol so often), but I swear I saw combat medic bleed…

My big mistake was not capturing the moment (as in recording it).

OP, are you sure someone else on the team wasn’t causing bleed damage and you didn’t realize they were shooting at the same enemy as you?


I’m sure my name popped up with bleed kill sort of speak.

But again, I was drunk, maybe I was seeing things then lol.

The kill feed is buggy. It was likely that.

I’ve been given kills using weapons I’m not using before.

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A fellow alcoholic? we should ruin horde lobbies together sometime.


I never found random bleeding while playing as CM, but last week on horde, the kills feed showed my GT that killed a grenadier with a sentry, but I never build anything (also, there was an Engineer on the team).

I run most of the cards for ultimate and the one for repairing fortifications

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It has happened to me before might’ve been a bug lol.

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You guys solved the Mystery :grin:

It would be a pleasure.

Edit: unfortunately, I cannot join party though. as I already been embarrassed before.

so it’s just me and you wrecking up horde games :ok_hand:.

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Ive actually been poking around on this for a bit. I haven’t quite figure out what causes it. Though from what I’ve experienced I hit bleed procs that are no where close to the damage of my weapons specifically the lancers. I’m hitting for 500-750 bleed damage on occasion. It’s very inconsistent though like two to three bullets from the regular lancer most times once every 20ish minutes.

I’ve seen it on kestrals, swarmak, carrier,scion and deadeyes. I haven’t really figured how to trigger it. It’s not as easy as the friendly fire glitch,cloning glitch or the energy teleport glitch but I’ll keep digging…

Surprise, surprise, Mechanic was using the turret at the same time…


Pretty sure it’s related to Mechanic’s Ultimate somehow. Maybe Mechanic has to apply bleed to an enemy, CM has to down it (or any class, really) and because the bleed comes from the turret, the enemy bleeds out immediately but via the person who downed it?

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When I got that kill for a sentry that I didn’t build playing as CM, Mechanic was on the team.

Maybe Mechanic has a little glitch if you have a CM in the team?

Possibly. If it’s a CM-only thing, maybe it happens somehow via granting Stim or something. Like when the Mechanic sits on the turret and receives Stim from CM, somehow the turret is now the CMs tool and the kills are his.

Just throwing in random ideas.

Bleed from the turret generally seems to behave in a janky manner, in that sometimes an enemy will die to its bleed, but no one will have the kill attributed to their name. That same thing may result in the above bug, if it actually happened as described in the OP. As to what might cause it, no idea. Maybe when a player gets off of the turret before the bleed kills the enemy, or it blows up as an enemy is still bleeding.

So I wasn’t seeing things despite being drunk lol.

I still can’t remember what triggered it though…

Just FYI, tested it now. Just me as Combat Medic and @xLGNx_Skorge as Mechanic. He sat on the bleeding Turret, shot an enemy, I downed it and got the bleed finish for it as well.

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