Random boost glitch?

I’m not getting any boost XP at all right now and randomly the game even doesn’t give me any XP at all for completing Escape hives.

Visually, the title menu of the game still shows my rank glowing from having boost, it tells me I still have 65 days of boost left and it still shows me getting bonus boost stars.

Already reset the game multiple times and even did a hard reset.

Anyone else experiencing a boost XP glitch right now?

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Yes, sometimes I get XP from previous games after. I’ll jump up like 21K XP after a supposed 0 XP game

I’ve been having the issue for probably an hour. If I wasn’t so close to reup 50 lvl 100 I would turn the game off

Yep same here. We were running LE and on the last three games got nothing. No XP, no cards and an error kept coming up.

Just saw on twitter. Coalition is aware as of 18 minutes ago. Working on it

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Mod edit: Please post in English.

I had the same issue. No exp awarded.

Does anyone know if the problem is already solved? I’ve sincerely been waiting for more than 1 hour. :scream:

No updates as of yet sorry.

Someone else have problems completing daily rewards? I killed more than 5 enemies with assault rifles, and at the end of the 3rd match I got the stars for this daily, but if I got to main menu game shows that I didn’t complete that mission.

I had EXP problems too

Ahh, I thought it was just my bad connection. Turns out it was a server-wide issue. Yeah, I wasn’t getting my stars right away either. Results were failing to load. They would update on their own like a match or two later though.

I updated the game, checking the files, and the result of what I had won appeared in the upper start bar, but, when playing another confrontation game again, it throws me an error that prevents what I win by playing from loading, I am also having trouble with the stars of the daily challenges, it seems a general error, I see that we will have to wait :unamused: :sleepy: :scream:

I’m not having problems anymore. I also gained a whole level when I signed on again. About 40K XP

TC says that the issue is now resolved :slight_smile:

Please post in here if this isnt the case.


It’s working again for me now.

Back to the grind :grin: