Ran Out Of Iron?

If he’s counting General it’s far less than 50% actually it’s 153 left out of the 483 needed to cap even if he’s not counting general it’s 167 stars which ends up being a good chunk less than half plus with TC kicking off their doubler events there is a chance that double tour of duty medals will roll back around in the rotation before this Operation is over making it that much easier.

If you’re counting general if you get the bare minimum you’re looking at 38 days more and that assumes all Tour of Duty medals give the minimum of 1 star. More reasonably it’s about 20 though since the average is 7 or 8 and the Operation ends in December so you have all of October and since they said each operation is 3 months it’d be logical to assume it’s somewhere at the end of December so roughly 60 days to finish it off.

483 - 153 = 330 (which is his current position by your estimate).

483/330 = 146% so he has 46% more than his current position. This is what I was referencing when I said about 50% more.

He has 10 more to go so he’s completed 330
483-330 = 153
153/483 = ~32% I’d call it a third instead of rounding to 50%

Its the same thing from a different point of reference,

He is currently about 2 thirds of the way, so 50% more will get him 100% of the way

If I have 2 thirds and get 50% more I have 3 thirds.

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True but saying 50% is like that makes me think of getting a deal on laundry soap so I’d still call it a third more personally semantics, never said you were wrong just not how I’d view it. I like thinking of it as a sort of car trip I’m 2/3 of the way there so there’s just a 1/3 of the way to go before reaching the destination.

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Yeah, it depends on whether you are looking at it from the end point (33% to go) or how far you currently are, which requires 50% more than you currently have gone to finish)

Either way, we are both correct, just depends how you want to phrase it :slight_smile:

Considering we’re two weeks into a three month challenge. That would still indicate I’ll get them all and have time to spare.


is there any way to get iron without buying it with money…

was looking at the country flags and u cant even get those with what they gave for free , hahaha what a bunch of complete tools tc are

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You can complete the tour of duty and save up the iron you earn from there, but customizations are customizations.


The other thing to remember is that completing the medals will also advance your rank in the tour of duty. The issue there is that if you want to follow that route to progress you will probably have to play game modes you are not interested in playing so the grind is not enjoyable.

It’s true that everything is just cosmetic but If you don’t want to spend money you have to grind like crazy, I hope they tone that down a bit i know they are trying to make some money but dammmmmmm

I’m pretty sure the cost to re-roll tops out at 50 Iron, it doesn’t keep growing indefinitely.

Ok, so 50 iron is the max amount per re-roll.

Dude. I’m about to get winter Del with no iron spent. You can complete it.

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I totally agree with you here, I don’t want to buy iron just for the sake of doing more challenges. TC need to find a way to reward people in getting iron like when you re up. At the moment just getting skins is not that great,. I have brought all the other Gears Series and in the lst Gears 4 for reup then you got 2 gold boxes and as well as that you could purchase other boxes when you completed hoarde or challenges which I thought was fantastic. I hope that they can find a way to reward players in this sort of way instead of just having to buy iron.