Rainbow swirl weapon skins

Man my friend and I have been waiting for the rainbow swirl weapon skins to be back in the shop because we got the other ones from operation 2 does anyone even know the last time they were in the shop?

I think some of them might be craftable.

Check just to make sure.

Some are craftable. Part of the set was also a Tour of Duty 2 medal reward. Part of the set was sold in the Store at some point as well but I’m not sure if TC went back and made those paid skins Supply as well.

No they didn’t make the others that were in the store craftable ;(

Some are from supply, so who knows…

I know I’ve crafted like 3 of them but getting scrap is BS in gears 5.

Yeah, kinda grindy to get supply drops

I wish they would let us scrap things we don’t want from supply drops.

Like my ever growing score card dupes…