Rainbow Six Extraction & Gears 5

Does anyone play Extraction? If so, have you noticed Extraction has a number of similarities to Gears 5? Wonder if there were any influences, or is it coincidence?

It has similarities to escape but is also very different. A squad of 3 trying to escape with saferooms in between each section. I played it a little but randoms in that game drove me away from it.

@TurnerBurner922 plays it alot though.

Just get Wicked and Ultra to play it. Like Gears, it’s a lot better with people who you know.

I also didn’t mention that stealth heavy games aren’t my thing. Ive never liked them or Tom Clancy games.

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There definitely are some similarities between the two for sure.

The Smasher is basically a Great Value (great value is Walmart brand) Matriarch.
Bloater/Breacher behavior are similar poppers.

The modes are similar enough in concept except in escape you MUST escape to complete it. In extraction you can technically leave whenever as long as you can safely get to the extraction pad.

I haven’t researched anything but since Coalition did so little with their best mode that it wouldn’t surprise me if other games completely stole their idea but made something better.

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I can definitely see this being a possible reason. They seem to have did some good things with this game.

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How are you liking the game overall?

I’m liking it. I like the dynamic of MIA, and going back in there to retrieve the operator. The sprawl adds another dynamic to the game; slowing operators but increasing enemies speed. Objectives can really be intense at times, but I like the diversity amount of them. The Spillover mode is really intense/good. I didn’t realize until after a couple of tries that you really gotta rely on speed to get it completed. Majority of randoms go guns blazing in ALL modes, lol.

Whats your thoughts on it?

I’d probably give it a 6/10. They really need custom lobbies honestly.

Also, there isn’t a solo challenge in this game if you play by yourself unfortunately so it actually makes the game far less interesting for me.

Idk if you know this but if you are solo there are less enemies, those enemies are less lethal with less health. It’s so wack.

I enjoy Maelstrom but I can’t just load that up solo, I need 2 other teammates.

There are aspects I appreciate. The objectives are good and it’s a good challenge with a team.

I hope the next event after spillover is a good one. The game is new so they honestly shouldn’t have been staying on one event for three weeks IMO.

I agree, not enough solo challenges is wack. I was excited to play maelstrom solo until I found out you couldn’t :rage:. That would’ve been a pretty fun challenge. And yeah staying on an event for that long is probably not gonna go well for the community in the long. Hopefully they’ll bring more elements to the game, for the long haul.

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To do maelstrom solo you would have to have two friends deliberately kill themselves or get killed so you can be by yourself during the run. So basically if you didn’t get it on the first attempt, it would be a tedious process.lol

I would say it’s a 6/10 but if custom lobbies start while having more frequent events, it could easily be 9 or 10/10. It all depends on what they do or don’t do. I’ll have to research when more operators are coming as well. I don’t know anything about that but I’m sure it’s online somewhere.

Whoa! that’s a lot to get that solo run in, lol. Having custom lobbies would be great for this game!!! I’m hoping they add more levels to the game, too. And it seems like they following the Siege map of operators. A lot of Siege fans seem to have hated that they copied & pasted the Siege operators, and didn’t make completely new characters for Extraction.

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