Rainbow Dust Legacy Set is missing the Scorcher skin

Hey the Rainbow Dust Weapon Skin set is missing the Scorcher skin since it’s a new skin to Gears 5 like the rest of the skins you been adding from Gears 4 are coming with the Scorcher skin?

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It’s missing the Scorcher skin because it’s a “legacy” set. And it’s a legacy set because it was in Gears 4.

Yes but we been getting gears 4 skins with the Scorcher

Even so, any set listed as “Legacy” will not have a Scorcher skin.

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What he said… every set listed as “Legacy” was missing the Scorcher, not even a Gears 4 thing, cause the Black Steel came with the Scorcher and opposite side Chrome Steel (that wasn’t in 4) is listed as Legacy, because it doesn’t have Scorcher.

The game was out for quite a while before the scorcher was added. Any set from before that point is “legacy.”

Legacy set means gun skins that came out before the scorcher come out the game


Confirming what has been mentioned:

Weapon sets with Legacy in the name are ones that do not have the Scorcher in them, and as such, will be missing that Skin. This is not a bug or an issue. It was messaged out when we announced the Scorcher. :slight_smile: