Rail line power taps

Has anyone experianced the power taps in any other positions on this map other than in a row across spawn end?

Nope, it’s always the same 4 taps, only in a different order each time. Kinda sucks, since you’re more or less forced to setup base in the spawn unless you have 2 Kaits/Lahni protecting the taps there and at that point you might as well build the base there.

It’s like that for all three Escape tile built Horde maps. Rail Line, Abyss and Overload.

Overload and Abyss tap spawns can have some variety. Rail Line has them in the same layout every single time, it seems, and in the same spot at that. Even though it’s big enough to have them in some differing spots, as opposed to the other two.

Never noticed a difference. The first tap to spawn can be different on all maps but the four locations are always the same eventually.

Well I have had some minor differences in where the taps decided to spawn. Sometimes there’d be taps all over the middle in Overload and they occasionally change where exactly they are on the map on Abyss. But often it’s negligible as the maps are mirrored in layout anyway.

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