Rail line & ffa maps gang - wya?

The maps created for FFA 14-people: These maps are amazing. Please add them back to the rotation for FFA… On top of that; Rail Line would be amazing for KOTH. It’s so good… Why are all of the best maps in Gears 5 removed from the rotation or just not included? TC, I’m a big fan and I lost a group of 10 regular players because they hate G5… The new tuning is amazing and the new maps are as well… Word of advice: Just be confident and release these masterpieces you recently created.

Because finding a match with 14 is much more difficult than for 8 players…

Also, Rail Line would be terrible for Versus, not only would you just see everybody camping up top but there is too much random geometry lying around for it to work in my eyes.

I agree although I do enjoy it for horde.

Map is unbalanced fir versus. As irregular maps are great in versus matches, its really hard to balance them. And Rail line is terrible from this point.

From what i can say, you could place max 3 weapons pickups, spawn points would be far to close to each other.

And most playerbase would complain at the fog. Nowadays, most of atmosphere is removed from gameplay cause of its visibility problems, which is kinda sad.

The Division 2 with it’s big fog sometimes! :sunglasses:

I don’t think Rail Line would work, especially with the fog, but more so because of the positions of some places on the map.

But, I wouldn’t mind TC trying more tile maps in the future.