Rager Voice Lines

I’ve yet to unlock the Rager however if I go to it’s expressions section all the voice lines sound like the Swarm Drone. Is this correct or does it sound different once unlocked/in game?

His expressions are pitch shifted Swarm Drone lines and his in-game dialogue is Locust Drone dialogue.

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And when you mean pitch shifted, it’s barely different lol. I figured they would do new lines but oh well

Expressions sound almost like the Imago when they’re Swarm Drone lines. That’s why I said pitch shifted. And his regular lines are basically just the Locust Drone.

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Yeah, that was kind of disappointing. I’m guessing Dee Baker wasn’t available to come in and make all the inhuman, rage noises lol.

But, I mean, still. They could’ve at least added some of his sounds from Judgement.
Or maybe they have & just haven’t played him enough. I’m guessing not, though.

Well I’m not too bothered but it seems effortless. It’s not like there needed to be a VA. A little bit of thought and effort would have been good for the character. Also locust drone makes more sense than swarm drone so it seems weird that in game and expressions voice lines are different.