Radar ping and called shot

I keep seeing conflicting posts on whether they stack or not, I generally run just pure damage cards but would like to know if those 2 things actually work together (I already know RP helps heavies with marked damage card on).

So, does anyone have actual proof to back up their claims of RP and CS stacking/not stacking?

Why not just try it yourself?

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One of the points of the forum is to share information, that way players with more knowledge of the game can help the community in general so that’s why I created this thread.

I belive they do not as i have played scout on incon wave 1 through 10. I put a full rounds of lancer fire into a boomer with radar ping and it took 2 clips without radar ping. With called shot it takes a little over one clip i tried to match disance by using a decoy

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Um yes, so try it for yourself and SHARE your feedback. Unless you really want to be that lazy and wait for an answer which is basically what you just did.

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Ha! This is gonna be great!

It seems that Radar Ping applies a partial damage boost.

What I’ve noticed is, if there are two Snipers then you can stack Called Shot on top of Radar Ping. E.g.: if Sniper 1 uses Radar Ping; and then Sniper 2 manually spots a tagged enemy then Called Shot adds some extra damage on top. I’ve experiment Ted and it definitely works. However the same Sniper cannot do both - it has to be different Snipers.

If you’d like to do some in-game testing feel free to PM me, I’ve got both cards maxed.

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Thats just the called shot…

I have used both for awhile. Ping will add additional damage for everyone but not the max that a single spot will. If you then mark one that is already pinged he will receive additional damage.

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Coming from a MMO game, I’m still getting used to the fact the likes of people like you are very commmon on forums (and the game itself) of gears and other games as well. I’ll just not bother with you anymore.

Dude, Tony is just trolling you. He’s actually a pretty nice guy. Just dont get on his bad side lol

Hey, @forum-mods, do we need another topic on this already discussed matter?

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Yeah, that’s what it seems to me as well but if anyone has done some kind of testing that proves whether RP and CS stack it would be awesome if it could be shared on this thread.

In Neverwinter, PC players helped with Advanced Combat Tracker logs (aka ACT, available only for them) to help with several types of topics, I wish Gears had ACT-like stuff (although the game itself seems simpler in regards of damage modifiers)

Shutting the party down already?:joy:

Thanks, that sounds great, we can give it a try to see what we can find out.

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