Racism on Gears 5

Hi there! I am a big fan of Gears 5  and I’ve been playing it a lot. I’m here to report two players who were playing together, because a few months ago, I started getting attacked/offended by this specifically user whose name I cannot show here. Butt anyway, he was constantly going into my private chat, saying swearwords, being a racist and that was getting worse and worse. Today he was playing with a friend, They both started going into my private chat once again, being racist, saying bad words and everything else. So I decided to report these two, because I AM DONE! I will not tolerate stupid racists playing one of my favorite game franchine, destroying the community with their bad behavior, being stupid racists every god#@n time! I hope you guys do something about it.

I do not speak spanish, but I do speak portuguese, my native language. So, I can understand some kind of spanish words.

Mono means Monkey.

Negrito means Nigg#. It is the same idea actually.

Sem título

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I’d edit their names out or this one.’s getting closed. Fair warning.

But on topic. Yes. Report these sorry ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Wastes of air.

Racists should be exposed anyway.


If you don’t edit their names out, a moderator will close this thread. All I’m saying.

But can I keep the screenshot?

Their names are in it, so it’d have to go.

Can use that in your report as evidence though.

You could cross out the names by editing the picture I guess. But you get the point. Call outs aren’t allowed.

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Okay, done!

Your best bet is to report them and drop the photos as evidence and get them banned.

I hope these knobheads get banned for life.


Mate I’m really sorry that these racist ■■■■■■■■ are giving you so much trouble, no one should ever have to put up with racism and being attacked constantly while you’re trying to unwind with something you love ■■■■■■■ sucks!

Glad you’re doing something about it mate, and I agree that racists shouldn’t be afforded the luxury of hiding from their ■■■■■■ behaviour.


Can I assume that you are Brazilian and those players are from south america?

Sadly, it’s a common thing. Many hate Brazilian because they are hosts (or at least they were host on Gears 4) (it’s like the hate for mexican lag), but being racist it’s just something that can’t be tolerated.

I hope that those players will be banned soon, or at least some type of enforcement.



Please file a support ticket to get these players suspended or banned if in game chat. If not in gamechat then please report via xbox live.

Thank you.

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