Raam's Shadow DLC

I haven’t ever played the Rise of Raam DLC for Gears 3 due that I never had internet on my xhox when I was younger. I now have a wifi adapter for my 360 and I want to see if it’s worth my 9.99 and around 4 hours. I’m curious about the Story of Barrick and I’ve heard you can play as Raam.

I would definitely say its worth it. If you enjoy the Gears lore its a must buy…


Totally worth it :+1:


@ll_R_E_D_l @Duffman_GB
Would the 360 take xbox one gift cards?
I don’t want to put my card info on the crt because I can barely see

After this I’ll have to buy an xbox for gears 4 and I would’ve played everything gears

The gift card should be added to your MS account

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It’s called RAAM’s Shadow and yes, it’s definitely worth it. A great campaign and playing as the General himself is very satisfying.

Queen Myrrah’s voice lines in it are beautiful as well.


I’m sorry I forgot LOL

I always mix the comic & dlc

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Haha it’s fine, I wasn’t correcting you out of spite :joy:

Seriously try it though, it’s great :+1:

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Its worth the money for barrick alone

I also think Raam’s Shadow has far better gameplay than the default GOW3 campaign, so I would say its probably worth it yes.

It’s worth it for Valera’s yoga pants

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Agree with you 100%. Better than the Gears 3 campaign.

Yeah, 100% worth it.

I don’t think it will my girlfriend tried to order a Black Ops 2 dlc on her MS account and it failed to go through.

Buster, I think you’re lying to me

His girlfriend’s account may have had an issue.

When you redeem gift cards or codes, they add to your account. Microsoft doesn’t care what you buy with that money.

Edit: I always redeem on the Xbox app.

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It’s not the account that doesn’t make sense

Buster McTunder… Girlfriend? This isn’t real I refuse

Being serious, I’ll redeem it through my xbox 360


Lol. Wasted drink spat on the floor.



Big facts

Best Gears DLC by a long margin