Raam coop settings

Do both people have to be on hardcore?

No. But obviously only the hardcore player will get the cheveo.


I wonder what’s going on with this because I beat it on hardcore months ago while my wife was playing on normal. I saw my RAAM wings achievement pop up but haven’t seen anything about the campaign. I really didn’t love this campaign and don’t want to have to go through it again.

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Morning :slight_smile:
Have you checked each chapter and act ? Might be worth double checking.

Could you tell how to go about this? I’m a bit clueless about stuff like that. Thx.

i believe you just go into campaign>chapter select and just look at the emblems in the bottom right of the “thumbnail” it’ll have a highest solo completion and a highest co-op completion rating and it’ll be straight up blank if you haven’t done it you can also select a certain act to individually check each chapter as well


This is really confusing as it shows my last save being Oct 2017,completed on Hardcore. But, if I go into the individual acts, most of them are not completed. Makes no sense as I played this through from start to end with my wife on split screen. It was probably 3 or 4 sittings.

Does your wife have a seperate gamertag or does she piggyback off your one? If the former then it may be that you actually did it on her gamertag?

We logged in with our own accounts, on the same Xbox. On the chapter/section pages it shows how many special items I found in that area, but most of the “highest difficulty completed” emblems are empty.
Thx for trying to help though.

I already played it through on hardcore, not only will having to do it again suck, but now my wife wants the phantom skins and she can’t hang on hardcore so I’ll have to play a campaign I disliked twice more…
Ugh… :cry:

I can feel youre pain. Playing trough main story aint much fun for me either. I nearly got a heart stopped while i was reading this. Up to 0.30am Last night with splitscreen so i needed to check. I got All chapters we played and friend was playing as visitor.

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Same here.
I completed the campaign on hardcore when the game first dropped Co op with my wife.
My cheevo popped yesterday but hers never. So when I checked the war journal I got even more confused.
It says she’s only completed 11 chapter’s on hardcore… The confusing part is. It says she’s completed 6 chapters on insane, but has never played campaign on insane. And I’ve only completed 2 chapter’s on insane. Yet I’ve completed it and got the cheevo. Bloody weird.
We started again today with her hosting so we know she’s the main characters. We just got to great escape, but done another 50 on horde fir a break

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Ok, thx. I knew something was wrong and it wasn’t me imagining things.

My wife and I started this on hardcore and over halfway through now but a lot of the campaign achievements are not showing up. Also. noticed I’m stuck at 30% on Gilded RAAM challenge even after playing several matches of versus.

i completed hc splitscreen coop tonight, shows 23 chapters completed on hc but didnt get the raam challenge or even the regular achievement for hc completion…

I’m actually not sure but aren’t there 24 chapters?

It took a while for the achievement to pop for my sister. Just wait a while. If it still doesn’t pop, then try to reach out on Twitter.

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