RAAM challenge, Black Phantom skins

Whelp, guess I’m doing those three challenges now, even if that means dragging myself into Versus.

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Today’s “What’s Up In Gears?” feels like another holding pattern. Nothing to really announce except another “wait for it guys and gals…!”


Agreed, very disappointing and still no sign of the new craftables.

Why not buying those black phantom skins and Raam with credits? That should be a second option.

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I disagree, they are rewards… Would be silly if you could buy them with credits.

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I know. No problem at all to accept this coming challenge, but since we haven’t see packs for 3 weeks, credits are starting to become useless.

Im just so is to what the 3 challenges are to get Him and the set of skins…I know Horde and Verses are but whats the catch on the other.And we will be able to combine the 2 together .So im ready like last week already

Maybe on campaing.
Complete the Pendulum Wars by killing 20 UIR soldiers with slab.
Naa, I hope not.

Seems like a consolation because of all the complaints. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Normally I would agree with you but since TC has stopped me from playing Versus completely, sadly it’s not even possible to earn!

It’s good that I wasn’t interested in the character but must admit that the skins are nice and I would have done the challenge for them.

Hmmm, I’ve seen a few of your posts and I know what your talking about… I’ve had a few of the same issues lately. Have you tried playing social by chance? There’s a good chance this reward will be obtainable through horde and multiplayer (Social). Hmu some time and we can try and run a few games.

I don’t like Horde and I get bored in Social really fast and as stated yesterday, I’ve now given up on this game.

It’s just not worth booting up anymore.

I’ve had those days, I haven’t played much myself lately… Hmu if you change your mind.

I will do, although I can’t change my mind because TC won’t change their new MM algorithm now that they have put it into TDM as well.

Can’t play if I can’t get games.

And I won’t play if I can’t play with my friends.

I’m not OK with a developer forcing you to split up.

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You make a good point, I agree it’s strange that they would do this and then tell people to split into smaller groups if they are having a hard time… though the games have been much more evenly matched, this is making it harder for a lot of players.

It probably seems more evenly matched but that’s because top players are having to put up with lower skilled players.

So it’s more of an illusion than anything else.

I should be able to play as a 1/2/3/4/5 as everyone has this ability.

If you want to search less than 5 then you accept the downsides.

You can play a game or Football and say the 11 players are too strong too play together - pick 5 and then choose 6 at random from anyone else who wants to play.

Just doesn’t make sense.

Very upset to learn that the couple hundred thousand credits I saved for a massive drop yesterday turned out to be another “just wait we’ll get there”. The skins look very cool, but I imagine they only took about 5 hours to make, because it’s literally just the phantom skins with a new shade.

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My question is what’s stopping them from releasing the challenge now? Gilded RAAM and the phantom skins are just color swaps. I’m not gonna pretend I know about the technical side of things, but it seems fairly easy to change the color on a skin.

Hold on a second! Are you saying that TC would take an existing skin and very slightly alter it and try to make it seem like that tiny alteration took a lot of time to design and produce?

Sorry pal but both Outsider Reyna and Renegade Reyna said your claims are nothing but a tiny flap of cloth blowing in the wind. Nice try though.


TC said that as these are the Season 6 challenge rewards, then it will be linked directly to a challenge - well, three challenges to be precise. Apparently they’re still finalising the challenges. No specifics have been given - it could be changing the actual challenge requirements, or it could be testing that the challenge parameters actually work, or they’re coding the challenges to link them all together so the reward unlocks after all three are met. Who knows? We just gotta wait.