Qustions i have about the 1st major patch

  1. Audio for footsteps is non existant at some points dont know how this is always an issue when a new gears comes out.2 .lancers need a nerf.3.is quick match bugged cause theres always bot matches.4.is ranked gonna be better or make more sence how to progress cause it seems like nobody knows how ranked works.5.gears has soooo many characters yet this game has hardly any i know they have stuff coming but like why is it so little to start.6.last one for me is add ffa so many ppl would love that mode especially compaired to something like arms race. I love gears but this game to me is gonna die if they dont communicate with the ppl that actually play gears.
  1. Haven’t noticed an issue with footsteps at all. My Dolby atmos enabled headset makes every step pop and I can always tell where enemies are coming from.

  2. Lancers are perfect. Sorry if you are a Gnasher purist.
    I will agree that the aim assist needs nerfed.

  3. No.

  4. Makes sense to me, it’s just kinda grindy.

  5. All Gears games have launched with a minimum set of characters who tend to be relevant to the story. Brush up on the lore?

  6. No. Folks who want FFA in Gears are a minority. FFA also goes against the nature of what Gears is.



So where are Cole, Baird, Paduk and Carmine then? Sounds like you’re the one who needs to brush up


It’s almost like you didn’t read what I said. I get it, you want skins to be handed to you. Sorry.

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It’s almost like you never played the campaign, so your nonsensical reply doesn’t invalidate my initial response


The characters you mentioned are side characters that are, frankly, only around for fan service. They will inevitably be added to the game for your enjoyment.

But don’t act like we got jipped on skins. We didn’t.



If that’s your thought process then I’m done replying to you. What utter nonsense


Previous games have even had more characters,and even unlockable characters to start not just skins.


I believe it is bugged, it happens to me and others all the time, being dropped in bot matches. I don’t think it’s that no one is playing, because most people’s Game Pass Ultimate isn’t up yet, so I think it’s just the dev team being bad at handling matchmaking, as usual, and it’s more likely to throw you in bot matches.

Yea, they purposely gimped launch content to have tons of stuff to add to either the $-only store, or to fluff the Tour of Duty and Supply content later. The content situation is way worse than GOW4, I prefer the loot boxes. I got tons of content for free with GOW4, while this game is being handled like a F2P phone game in that regard.

You can’t tell me Islander Lahni and Cab Driver Mac wouldn’t have been Gear Pack skins you could grab for Credits in GOW4, and instead, they’re $10 each in the store here. TC’s so greedy that they didn’t even try to make the earning of Iron fair.

It’s not even possible to earn more than 500 Iron every 3 months. So, that’d take 6+ months to get the cheapest char skins you could get. It’s atrocious. I don’t get how they say, “We feel our prices are in line with other games.” What games are those? The most predatory F2P games?

Well, this game isn’t F2P, it’s a $60-$80+ Full Priced AAA game. I rather Credits come back, and Gear Packs, I earned most everything that was in Gear Packs in GOW4, and didn’t spend a dime. It doesn’t matter how much I play Gears 5, I’ll never be able to earn any of the cooler skins, just the base content they locked away from us, such a sad situation with this company.

If they had atleast some ability to code a game, I could ease up on them, but they clearly have no clue what they’re doing. The menu, matchmaking, campaign unlockables, achievements, etc issues that are still ongoing is beyond a regular game’s launch issues. They still haven’t turned on Quit Penalties in Ranked, because they haven’t fully locked down the problem with their servers kicking players.

This is not an AAA dev team, and they shouldn’t be handling the Gears franchise. They’re only milking the franchise, while doing more and more irreparable damage the more they stick around, plain and simple.


I could not agree more.
Certainly they don’t know what are they doing.


Spot on. I would say you are 100% on the money (!) on that point.


Indeed, I’ve said this a few times. It’s pathetic. What’s even more embarrassing is the “content creators” who are throwing away their reputations to try and be overly positive about Gears 5. The little toy bribes they get must work.


Does Gears 3 ring any bells when it comes to how many characters were available at launch?

That guy clearly had no clue what he was saying. Dude straight up just tried to defend the game without thought

I would take FFA over Escalation in a heartbeat.

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That’s so wrong, have you count how many characters were available in gears 3 at launch? Even gears 4 also had a decent amount of characters in launch, in 5 we can’t even play as the cgo gear (character available in all gears at launch) and his model is in the game but i guess ge will be a tour of duty reward

A major patch happened? How come nothing changed?

Not yet. It comes in October.

Oh okay, ill wait for october to write the same comment, cause im sure nothing will change in october as well :smiley:

Hmm actually, maybe they might make tour of duty a little easier!!! Great update!@!

I wouldn’t mind if it was made slightly easier at the very least for the darn Master Escape rubbish. Why do we need to do 5 Past Master hives and all 10 of the Challenge hives in Operation 1 just for a finger pointing emote? Completely excessive, and no other section in the Tour requires you to go through these kinds of loops to obtain something.