Quitting with no replacement

So why is it that when someone quits in core mode for example and it doesn’t allow for someone else to join? I don’t remember for sure, but thought Gears of war 3 had it where people could come and go. I mean at least put a bot in there would be better than nothing because as soon as one person goes the rest of the team is pretty much screwed.

It didn’t - that was only in Social playlists (not Ranked).

But there is already a thread on the topic here:

Then there shouldn’t be a penalty for the rest of the team especially if two people quit. I’m not for quitting, but it’s unfair and frustrating for the rest of the team. All I got to say is this game is a mess and glad I pretty much wrote off Gears of war 5 because of the freezing issue on the PC which I play on.