Quitting / quiters in matchmaking

Can you guys fix the quitting in versus . Please this is ridiculous can’t even enjoy match making. Teammates quit. Either give us bots. Or let are friends join matchmaking. Playing a mandown u lose every time.
Stop Quitting

Let are friends join if a player quit matchmaking <<<
or give us a bot for the quitting team mate<<<<

TBH, I’m not sure folks are actually quitting in 5. I think people are getting disconnected because its happened in most of the games I’ve played but for the most part, people are trying to join back in.

Where on Gears 4, its mostly an excuse and people are just quitting because they’re losing or even if they’re team is winning, they’ll still quit because they’re performing poorly individually. I’m not sure if thats the case yet in 5. The servers are still kinda trash.

Even if that’s the case of quit or lag out we need a robot or let us invite are friends. Thats why call of duty or battlefield don’t really have that problem. If someone quit, lag out or go M.I.A . They just replace them with another person. Or if that’s a big deal for gears. Give us a freaking bot. Cause other than that match making is ruined.

I highly doubt people are quitting, this game is booting people from games left and right, or the connection is lost.

People want to play but it is the servers that are failing not people actually quitting, I speak from experiencing this mid win only for the connection to GOW online services fail which is why I stopped playing ranked games.

I played gears 4. I know gears 5 servers are bad right now and kicking people. But they need to replace them with bots like gears 2. Or let us invite are friends. Because when servers get fixed, people will go m.i.a from the controller or quit to get on fortnite or 2k. We just need a better replacement for the under dog team. U can almost never win a 4 vs 5. Let alone 3 vs 5. ( Bots or let people join like social)
Because rank will be screwed up.


I strongly agree they need to replace people who drop with bots.

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Honestly rank needs to be like social / quickplay. Make the quiter / M.I.A from controller people. play boot camp or have to play 3 matches of social in the row.
Because making people wait 15 or 30 minutes is nothing that the point of quitting changing games or getting offline. Then need to play a Tutorial or complete matches in a row or something. Please tag @gears or one of leaders

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