Quitting problem - Bot backfilling or joining in-progress

I understand that the game has social and ranked (quit penalties), but that didn’t stop people from quitting in Gears 4 and it will not stop them in Gears 5. The social playlists don’t have the draw to make people seriously wanna go there instead of hopping into a ranked. If they have to leave then they leave, there is really no, “they should’ve been in social.” The only thing that would have that type of draw and make them considerate of others would be a playlist like FFA - where they would go if they know they might have to go mid-match or if they aren’t willing to put up with team vs team.

Today, I saw a thread here about having the option to surrender in a ranked game. Why is this such a topic and a problem? Well, because we are tired of those dead games that are a pure waste of time. It really becomes play at your own risk in ranked. Many people either have full teams or they don’t play. People wait long times in the menu to get a full team because they don’t even want the chance of having to play with a quitting random.

Why not just have bot backfilling or the ability to join a game in progress?

For a game type like KOTH, it seems like a no-brainer to me. For TDM and where the bot could potentially hurt its own team, then make it so it doesn’t hurt its own team or minimize the effects. Maybe the bot kill doesn’t count towards the scoreboard or only every other kill on the bot counts. The bot could spot the enemy every single time it gets shot or maybe even have +10% health and damage…anyone got any ideas of how to make the bot more useful? Maybe don’t have a bot in limited respawn game modes but for my favorite game mode, koth, it would definitely be a welcomed addition as it appears to be the game mode with the most quitting.

Everyone complaints about this, the high diamond ranked players i play with and the lower ranked players too. If you join in late to the game then you should get double xp and if you lose you shouldn’t get affected negatively - that is a feature already in place in several other games.

When someone quits, it is the equivalent of going from getting pulled over to the electric chair - an immediate death sentence. Heck, I remember celebrating in Gears 3 when a teammate left and a bot filled in because I knew the bot would actually help us win and we did in fact win many games thanks to bots performing better than humans.

Again, I know Gears is competitive and the ranking system is absolutely everything for some people, but this is an issue where the line has to be drawn. Above a ranking system or defending the meaning of PVP as strictly player vs player (never understood that), this is an issue of the most basic and fundamental core of video games - having fun, having a good time.

This quitting problem has left the community scared of playing without a full team. Will we get a fix on this or will we continue to play at our own risk? Going down the path of quit penalties hasn’t worked in Gears 4. Maybe the quit penalty timer should only count down when actively searching for a match, that way people couldn’t just go to another app or whatever. Is that what we want? Why not take the simple and obvious fix?


A good idea would be to show a quit percentage in the ally menu and/or reward players for not quitting.

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I don’t see a join in progress, as it would have to recalculate matchups and account for performance statistics in a partial game. If bots were added, they would have to have a neutral effect on ranking, meaning killing or killed by doesn’t contribute or isn’t detrimental to your rank (or to player score). Even then it might complicate how a win affects rank (if it does in 5).

It already recalculates the game when someone quits. The way it works in Gears 5 as I understand it, a win can only be positive to your rank/elo points - you will go up no matter what as long as you win. Partial stats and recalculations could work even if someone joins in late.

If you join in late and lose then it wouldn’t count for you. On the other hand, maybe at a certain point it wouldn’t count it as a 4v5 for the other team and give them the full benefit of a 5v5 win if someone joins in late. It can be a win-win.

I understand it can complicate the ranking system and such things but do we really care more about that than the basic experience of playing a video game?

People rather deal with all the quitting and dead games that are a waste of time? How would a surrender option be factored into the ranking system? The way I see it, the actual playing experience should matter more than anything.


I don’t want to be placed into a Game in Progress. If I wanted to do that I’d join a Social match.

If you’re worried about quitters I’d suggest making friends with others that play a lot and join their matches. I don’t play Ranked solo because I know how short of a trigger many have before they quit. Plus, quitters could care less about time penalties because these penalties count down whether you’re on the game or not so they just go play Fortnite.


I understand people not wanting to join a game in progress but you wouldn’t like it for the overall good of the game? you join in late today and tomorrow somebody joins in late to help you win?

I play stacked the vast majority of my games, to the point that I really don’t like playing without 4 or 5 players. Should a game be like that? What about if you want to play solo or the people that don’t always play with a team? Again, the overall good of the game.

And you don’t play ranked solo because of this? So this very same problem is the reason you have abandoned playing ranked solo completely? You don’t think it needs a fix?

As for the quit penalties, like i stated in my original post, maybe the timer should not count down unless they are actively searching so that way they can’t go to another app or whatever.

Do we want all these strict rules and unwritten rules (I will not play unless this or that) or do we just want a simple fix for the greater good?

Perhaps an option to say if you prefer or not prefer to join in late? I’d say yes to that option andI doubt I’d be alone in that. Again, if you join in late it is double xp or better rewards and you can’t get penalized negatively…something along those lines.

There are too many flaws with JiP.

Matches are played from the beginning and a strategy is implemented. Changing players out will change how everything goes. That’s what social is for.

I play with a stack because I enjoy being social with my friends. I don’t find any fun in playing with randoms who act like children or quit out of matches. I have plenty of friends (as I am sure you do to) so I never worry about playing solo.

But is it not more flawed to have a game experience be as bad as Gears 4?

I understand that there are arguments for this and that and personal preferences to go with them, but surely the community as a whole agrees that what we saw in Gears 4 is not good for any game.

You say that matches, ranked matches, are played from the beginning and a strategy is implemented but does that not get affected worse by quitters than by late joiners?

Also, i will point out that in games with the ability to join an in-progress game, you often forget that it is even possible because of how rarely you join in late. The matchmaking does not want to prioritize you to join in late, it wants to find you an even and balanced game.

Like i said, maybe an option for preference of joining late - some options for the quality vs speed of matchmaking. Some games have options to select more precise matchmaking by rank, connection/ping/approximate location or the normal balanced matchmaking.

Do The Coalition even understand our frustrations on this issue?

They can’t seem to figure this out even though countless other games dont seem to have the same problem.

They seem to think that the majority of us will just suck it up and get on with it :unamused:

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Join in progress is a must. Frankly the fact that it isn’t there is really my one issue with the game. Here is what i wrote in another thread on the topic:

They should just add join in progress to all the modes. (minus escalation?)
Seriously. I don’t know what the big deal is. I don’t play a whole lot of other shooters but gears matchmaking has always stunk. If you play cod and people quit (just an example) the game doesn’t continue with lopsided teams for long and players join. Ryan Cleven on Twitter seems to say it’ll be like gears 4, and seems to sympathize more with the players joining in progress than the players in the game getting clobbered because their player quit at the start of the game. TC needs to make some proper matchmaking. Join in progress is a no brainer. Not everything needs to be so hardcore and competitive to the point where players quit and the rest of the team is outnumbered for the rest of the game. This is one of the more frustrating issues and the reason all i played in gears 4 was competitive warmup. Sadly i don’t think there will be a competitive warmup in gears 5.

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There probably is not going to be a koth social playlist. If you actually give it some thought join in progress is needed. Not everyone is going to prepare a 5 man squad all of the time to play the game mode that is available in one playlist, and 5 man squads will not be affected.

You don’t want to join in progress? Well players don’t want to have to get 5 man squad, nor do they want to play a game outnumbered. Think about it, your position (and TC’s) frankly damages the experience A LOT.

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Maybe a social but it’ll never happen in Ranked. That’s what I’m against. Ranked JIP

I understand potential issues with ranked JIP, and I’m against strict and harsh rules that will be like a double negative.

I think the best option is to reward players for not quitting, for having a low enough quit percentage.

Also, 5 mans would not have to worry about joining in late. How can a 5 man join an in-progress game? It’s impossible. They would complain about getting evened out to a 5v5 because someone joins? So they would rather take the easy 5v4/3 victory?

This is one of the possible solutions for those solo players and those players that don’t always have a full team. There are so many ways to soften the quitting problem and JIP has ways for it to work without damaging the essence of the competitiveness in ranked games.

At this point, I’d be happy if they introduced some type of “dunce cap” system - quit percentage, default skins only, force them to have a banner that says “quitter”, idk something has to be done.