Quitting penalties for Horde

It’s great you have instituted penalties for quitting ranked matches but for us Horde players it’s equally frustrating to have someone bail in the middle of a game especially on inconceivable.
There aught to be penalties for these folks also. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this. It’s about time some attention be given to Horde players.


I would be open for trying quit penalties in Horde.
Those quit penalties in Ranked seems like a little beta testing is see how it goes and what happens, so why not do the same for Horde too?
This might even give feedback on whether it should really be implemented or not for next game too.


I agree, I don’t play horde but someone quitting out there is just as bad as an MP match!

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Sadly, I don’t think this is ever going to happen, but I do like to see some form of punishment for quitting.

Horde is a mode that requires at least 1 hour to complete all 50 waves. I don’t think penalties are a good thing for Horde. I recommend playing with friends if possible.


I think they should be incentivizing this type of behaviour, like a bounty for leaving at wave 49 or leaving when there’s no engineer or scout. Public horde games are to long anyways.

It’s been said before, but instead of punishing them for quitting, we should incentivize them for staying. So don’t give them a quit penalty, just give them a good reward for completing all waves.


Indeed. The bounties that can be achieved for not finishing a full game should be removed also.

Change the 1-20 bounties to 1-25 ones for horde mania and keep the rest as they are.


I would also like to see this implemented. I occasionally go into a full horde lobby only for players to quit as soon as you get into the match. I do have a question on the suspensions, if i went into a game and all the players quit would i also face a ban?

Just the first player, and all others within the 5 to 10 minutes.
Then after 5 to 10 minutes, the rest of players could be allowed to quit safely without penalties.
This way, it would encourage players to try staying in the match and at least attempt Horde with just four players or less.
Hours, days, weeks and months suspensions could come for chronic, excessive quitters.


A horde quit penalty simply wouldn’t work; For one, there’s no map voting, so you could be stuck playing a map you hate, or the same map over and over again. And horde can take up to 2 hours or more at time, it’s unfair to expect someone to commit that much, or get banned from playing.

In addition to that, what if you get stuck at a wave you can’t get past or have terrible teammates?

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If can’t get past a wave become of some kind of bug or cannot reach an enemy, then all players in the squad could try committing suicide to restart that wave.
Not sure how to deal with terrible team mates, this would be much less of a problem if we hadn’t any class based system and able to solo the horde ourselves too.
But a player that quits because of their team mates, it still makes a quitter but could at least try to put up with it and pass the wave.
Sometimes, it only takes a message or few to negotiate whatever the problem is with terrible play style, but some more experience Horde players may have reasons for playing terribly or sabotaging, if things don’t actually go their way.

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Ok, so let’s say I try to play with terrible teammates - what happens if they all quit and I’m left alone in a game on insane, making it impossible to finish?

I understand why people want quit penalties, but there’s no logical way it could work by just banning players that quit. Not everyone can spend 12 hours grinding on horde.

If they all left around same time, then they could get hit with 15 minutes penalty or something.
And you might be the last one out in your team, but could wait till 5 more minutes then leave yourself through pause and main menu so no penalty for yourself.
You wouldn’t even match make with those four players who just recently left.
Not everyone can also keep trying to find Horde games, only for players to leave and only have two to three players in match… quit to menu, and search another again.
Even some haven’t had success to find games where nobody quit, for over 45 minutes+.
Not sure what you mean by 12 hours grinding.

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You suggested that, if you get stuck on a wave, you should just keep trying. That’s just ridiculous. I’ve been on waves before that I cannot get past with my group, so we have to give up. But if there were quit penalties, I could risk getting a ban from the game because we didn’t have time to sit there for hours until we beat it.

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Perhaps a free quit to main menu could be available if a team fails the same wave, like three times.
Most of the time when a wave is failed, we attempt it again and usually passed on 2nd attempt.
But if it seems like hope is lost and could be impossible because of 3rd fail, then might as well quit.
3 fails could encourage players to keep trying.

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So, eng or scout leave and I face a potencial punishment?


There are tons of reasons why players leave. How can you prove it’s not legit?

Just because an Engineer or Scout leaves, that doesn’t grant you the punishment unless you were the Engineer or Scout that actually left.
I’ve had Public Horde games where I posted a LFG post and someone did join in progress, like nearly all the time when I posted it over Xbox Live.
Just because an Engineer or Scout left, it doesn’t mean nobody else will join to fill those roles unless follow the steps as I usually do above. ^
Or if Engineer/Scout got disconnected, they could be invited just like the window to join to progress in Ranked matches as well.
I pretty much explained that after minutes pass by, leaving should grant no penalty for rest of team that stayed behind but deciding to quit too.
When someone quits, most of the time it’s not a disconnect.
There’s “tonnes” of reasons to leave in Versus Ranked, it’s the same for Horde too.
But these aren’t good enough reasons anyway, why would someone search for Public Horde game in the first place if gonna quit out?

  1. I dislike and don’t use LFG. And play public ONLY.

  2. I quit on bad teammates and eng/scout quitters.

There’s where your premises fail.


And that is one of the problems with current Horde version.
We wouldn’t really be quitting on bad team mates or Engineers/Scouts if it was Horde 1.0 or 2.0.
I also would like those two classes removed, but then would you still quit on bad team mates, knowing you can still pass and get to Wave 50 yourself with minimal help?
I would prefer both quit penalties and Engie/Scout removed, and that would be so much better.
Having quit penalties introduced for current Horde 3.0 could be like a beta to see how peoples would react and respond to quit penalties, for more information if whether should ever be introduced and permanent, it even happened for Ranked which is prob gonna stay.

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