Quitting on Horde- Any Solution(s)?

I am so frustrated with players Quitting early on Horde! I happens to often! Anyone have some note worthy solutions? Perhaps penalties should include loss of coin? What say you?

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Until they fix the map rotation and apply some requirements to play on higher difficulties this cannot happen at all.

Tonight I finished a 1-50 inconceivable and a 1-25 insane, that’s 2 games after at least a dozen searches. I quit about 7 times on wave 1 or before it even started, why? simple: I am sick of playing on Raven Down, Mercy, The Slab and Clock Tower, those 4 maps are there ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!

And when it’s not the map is the team, “hey dude I just bought the game and my first game I’m going to be engineer on insane”.

Do you need any further explanation?


How does it work on vs, right now?

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In my opinion, one good step is put out 10 or 20 waves reward

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… Out of 50 waves mode, you mean.

With horde, an incentive system would be probably be better than quit penalties. There are too many potential problems that pop up, whether within the match, or with other players.

One thought: a rewards ranking (not the same way vs is ranked).

With each rank you would get better rewards; e.g. higher credit/xp gain, loot boxes, character/weapon skins unique to “rank”.

You “rank” up by completing matches.

Quitting drops it, except in certain circumstances.

If you quit after a failed wave, or maybe after a certain wave (30 and 15 respectively? ), you reamain neutral; no increase or decrease.

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Imagine if Coalition requires you complete wings 10 lv. 100 to achieve a certain skin.

I’d feel like the donkey chasing the carrot on a stick, “forever”.

I say that the only reward that should exist is the 50 waves


And leave 25 waves without any reward?

Too good Coalition didn’t listen to this, months ago, when people started demanding that.

Well for Monster Mash I know for a fact that they only select “Dark” maps if that makes sense… So you’re going to find yourself playing on Fallout, Slab, Raven Down and Clock Tower pretty often on that playlist.

Far as regular 1~50 goes I usually don’t mind UNLESS I go for a second session within the same day and it’s the same map with me playing the SAME class

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You are correct, the did choose “dark maps” for this event but my problem is the rotation. If all maps had the same chance of being selected I will be more than fine but sadly that is not the case: I’ve had my fill for Raven Down, the Slab and Clocktower yet I know for a fact that if I choose 1-25 that is what I’ll get, why no more fallout, forge or harbor? I played on Impact Dark last night and even if it isn’t a favorite I had a blast because I hadn’t seen it in a while. Diner shows up a lot but I still like it, not sure for how long though.

I go inconceivable and I get Mercy, Raven Down (yup, again) Drydock and The Slab (yup, again times two), nothing else will show up for me and what discourages me the most is to get the same map not twice and three times in row (Mercy and Dry Dock so far).

I have asked more than a few times at dev streams and at first it was “we would like to but not right now” a few months later it was “it’s not a priority right now” and on last stream it simply turned into “not enough resources”. They cannot commit resources to create something new, I get it but what I’m asking is a little consideration for Horde players, after all they just changed the map rotation for escalation, why not horde too?

I really hadn’t realized it until you’ve brought it up but I do find myself repeating the same offense pretty often. It’s actually scary now that I think about it. Where is Checkout, Gridlock, Old Town and Speyer? And I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever completed a public horde on Forge/Forge blitz! It’s a tougher map, yes but that certainly isn’t the problem.

And honestly I am not even mad to hear what the Dev streams have been saying on the issue, just disappointed. I’m not going to make bold claims as to what TC might be thinking like most here, but it’s clearly not in the right spot.

I noticed this about a year ago, shortly after the last “new map” was released. The same maps over and over again and they would rotate every 2-3 weeks. You get 4-5 maps with a 80% spawn rate and 1-2 for the remaining 20%, that’s it, forget we have 34 maps.

Gridlock, Lift and Speyer are banned from public Horde, at first I thought it was due to spawn problems but no, they just messed up and don’t know or care to fix it, there is even an achievement for a map banned from public horde (do you even lift), how do you explain that?

Ckeckout and Old Town are banned from public “regular” horde but do appear in some special events (jingle juvies - Old Town and Gearball - Checkout).

I cannot play versus because my region is dead and I get tired easily on Horde playing the same maps over and over. Am I to expect the same for Gears 5?

I meant it as, more or less, as an outline. There would need to be refinement, like add that 2nd+ quitter would be neutral.

How well and how fairly something like that would be implemented is a potential issue. If, in this hypothetical system, they made it too much of a hassle to earn rewards for the top tier, then it wouldn’t do much to curtail quitting.

Honestly I don’t know if quitting can be reduced, but there are too many issues/situations that can occur in horde for penalties to be an effective deterrent, even if they could be done fairly. There needs to be a reason for a player to stick around when things don’t look like they are going to turn out well.

I don’t see quitting penalties fit to horde. Specially after reading about all those guys being unfairly penalized on vs.

Key is indeed to improve gameplay. That will keep people playing for over 2 more years.

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Yes! And please keep the new players to their own ranks. We don’t want to play with noobs who have no idea how to play or set up their cards… assuming they even have enough skill cards.

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Play with friends not randoms. Problem solved.


Instead of penalty- why can’t the reward get better for every 10 rounds?

  • so when you get to level 40/50 it’s a rare bonus skill you get…sort of