Quitting matches

I don’t quit matches unless my team quits but I’m never playing another match where I have people on my team that are rank 1s and can’t even roadie run. Then loose the match and loose 200 points. Wtf is wrong with you people and matchmaking. This is just crazy. Get your crap together tc
Ps the new gnasher tuning stinks


Just leave the lobby if you have a player or two in your team below 10 rank…

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If you see guest accounts too, run with your life…

Yeah lol split screener equals a beatdown if you get stuck with them…

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We had a random teammate in a KotH match that was effectively useless in every regard other than being a decoy. They eventually quit and we lose 2-1 but at the end of Round 1 they had 570ish points with 15 eliminations or something. Think about that for a moment. Not even 1000 points and 15 eliminations.

I got MVP and my two friends were also 2nd and 3rd in the match. We were not favored to win by over 12K points and she quit. And I lost points in EVERY ROUND losing 2-1. Our last random finished with like 4K points but my friends and I finished between 10-13K.

It sucks because you’ll even lose rank because your teammates are just trying out the game via game pass and decide to just play something else mid game. But that’s not the worst part lol the other team will tbag and troll you throughout the rest of the game. You GOTTA quit.