Quitting in gears 5

Are TC doing anything about quitters? I know quitting has always been a problem with gears but it feel like it’s way worse in gears 5. Played about 15 games tonight only for a teammate to quit and our team to get absolutely smashed. It’s about 80% of my games a teammate drops out and doesn’t return. It makes the game nearly unplayable whilst playing solo or with a couple friends.

They’re working on some penalties. One which is your typical lock out from MP for a certain duration. The other is xp debt, which basically makes the quitter have to earn a certain amount of xp to pay back the debt before he can gain xp towards leveling.

Penalties? You know why people is leaving? This game is broken mate, when you have ping 150 and the other team is 30 ping or 20, do you know how delayed is it? Go ■■■■ mate, TC sucks

Hopefully this time the game can tell the difference between a quitter and a lobby dissolve