Quitting horde mode

I was away from this game for a long time and have recently come back, but what is the deal with people just dropping out of horde mode? It’s happening pretty frequently and in my experience it didn’t used to be like that. Just tried an inconceivable run four different times and each time people left around wave 8. I get if the team is dying a lot and you get frustrated, but in my four attempts this morning, no one died on any wave, so I don’t get it lol

There was an engineer? Or not?

Some players want their lockers first, others don’t like the team setup (I still found some players that if there isn’t a demo or tactician, they left), others want more energy on the fabricator, others don’t like the map but they need it for achievements, others don’t like where engi puts the fabricator, etc, etc.

I found that less players leave on Masters, or if they leave is on wave 1 or 2 (Frenzy mode).

Also, are you the host? In my experience, the less words your lobby has, the better.

Matchmaking or lobbies? If the former then that’s pretty normal. I personally wouldn’t bother with matchmaking.

With lobbies it’s less frequent but still a thing.


It’s matchmaking. I guess I’ll start loading into lobbies if it isn’t as bad there

It’s not as frequent. But you still get the usual problems like fussy hosts who want very specific classes, won’t start until there is an engineer, having minimum class level or reup requirements etc. Also people can join mid game and back fill empty spaces.


All those are a bunch of garbage players, and I’ll add also those who don’t defend taps, they hide where we spawn, or the engineers who join to my lobby and think they’re the kings and pretend to command others when actually they don’t give a f@°#!ck on how to play, or those players who don’t even learn to read lobby’s title, If I say don’t move the fabricator and the engineers don’t care on respect my lobby’s title, they left or I kick them,

It happens with new players or pseudo pro veteran players with high re ups. But almost all is caused by many faulty game designs. Other survival games don’t have these kind of issues like WWZ, nobody is complaining where to put the base 'cause the game itself tells you where to put fortifications and defend, or the players know how to use the classes and their respective weapons to be more efficient unlike Gears 5 players where you can see Anchors dropping boltok to buy repair tool and many trash behaviors and aberrations.

Play a regular horde match is almost impossible and you’re a witness when we try to play, many trash players are useless if they don’t see an engineer or lockers so they left. My only goal to beat Reactor with all the classes is impossible only for these factors and not 'cause the game’s difficulty itself. Adding enemies with autoaim and a bunch of bullsh!1|°t like a lot Boomshot Scions and Mulchers altogether doesn’t incentive players to play more brave, is all the oposite. I like the franchise but not TC nor some players.

Which of the two games, Gears 4 or 5?

You’ll find quitters in either, people just leave for any reason. Perhaps the match isn’t going well for them or something in it isn’t to their liking, maybe they disconnected or the servers decided to give them the boot. Or they just decide to up and leave for no obvious reason. But I recall them being more common in Gears 4 due to the bounties.

As others have said, custom lobbies are a possible solution to the quitting problem because they do allow the empty spot to be filled by another player, but only in Gears 5, as Gears 4 doesn’t have a lobby browser and you’d have to use LFG on Xbox or get a group of friends together and create a private match that is only joinable through invites(or to friends).

Public search in Gears 5 is something I strongly recommend not using unless you’re just in to play something quickly with no care for how far you get or whether you win, or play on the two lower difficulties available in it. I have the impression most of the “better”, so to speak, players have moved to using the lobby browser and getting a team of even decent randoms together in public searches is a thing of near-impossibility, especially now with the lower number of players. It also often forces you to play with Survivor enabled which immediately ends your run if it fails, so that’s another reason not to use it, since the chances of failing will probably be higher.

Iusually play with 1-3 other people i know, we know each other and we play well together…

Usually we have this unwritten rule of no random Engineers, but couple of days ago a mechanic joined our custom lobby, so we said, fine…

He left on wave 2… After giving me attitude about buying frags… As Slugger… Lol… We just laughed, back to lobby, one of us changed to RE, and we restarted now with jack joining…

You answered yourself. Thread closed.

I didn’t really but go ahead and be a ■■■■

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