Quitters update

  1. Screw the warning. Keepem banned.

  2. I hope it’s hardware ban so they can’t just make a smurf.


Absolutely love it. I don’t get why this is such a shock to the system for quitters? Like if you’re one agenda in life is notoriously quitting ranked games then why shouldn’t you simply be removed from the player pool?


They still gotta do a bit more in my opinion. People can just create smurfs or play on smurfs when they feel like quitting.

Also, the high penalties are only for ridiculous quitting. People are still going to quit here and there.

Good thing is that Dana said that more is on the way. This is something that they are getting right.

Good job, TC.


I await an uptick in AFK complaints threads lol.


That’s all well and good but when the crappy servers kick you out and the rejoin dosen’t work, that sucks to get a ban for.


Ouch,Cool that TC has made them aware and unlocked all quitters(I’m not sticking up for quitters)how did they get 2 years bans,ignore this,Just found the thread,thank heavens I’m hard wired to my modem.

Quit penalties no doubt have their place, however what TC have continually failed to see is the problems their infrastructure and code has causing people to “quit”.

The servers/code is just too inconsistent right now to be outright banning. There will be too many blue-on-blue.


If you’re constantly getting booted to the point you’re given over a month suspension it’s hard to believe the problem is TC’s coding.

Even during the first 2 weeks when there were a ton of matchmaking errors I was booted only a handful of times. This is including being placed on EU servers while living in Western Canada. If people are legitimately getting booted from lobbies they can always take a pic or screen cap and put in a ticket with TC.


Make them pay 20 dollars for a booster pack to give them a chance to unlock the ban lol


I wonder if we can do a class action lawsuit

Here and there gets tough to monitor unless they have a bullet proof way of knowing it was a quit and not a drop. Gears 4 had a ton of false positive bans. Especially with the no rejoin on PC issue.

RNG only though.

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I am having connection problems only while playing this game and I was just banned. I’m not quitting. I’m getting disconnected completely and I’ve heard I’m not the only one having issues with this playing this game. I would appreciate it if you could lift the suspension on me. I never quit anything in my life. They need to make it easier to reconnect to the game you were in when you get re-connected to the internet. It rarely allows me to do that.

Haha agreed!

I haven’t had any disconnection issues in Gears 4/5. The lag is another story but disconnections not so much.

What I don’t get is these players who get disconnected; how bad is your ping consistency wise? I’m curious if there may be consistency issues but I also see people hit 5000ms and above without ever disconnecting. It’s really ridiculous.


¿Could this be on purpose really?

Don’t buy it.
Sound like a glitchy mess that The Coalition take advantage.


I’m glad that the quitting vermin were banned

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Im so happy TC did this, the quitting in this game is absolutely out of control, you’ll find a quitter in 8 of 10 matches you play

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Was in a tournament today and two people got kicked out mid match for no reason lol. Their servers are not stable enough to support these penalties.


Why? When the “quitting vermin” probably outweighs the actual players.

This is a joke. They didn’t do this intentionally. Like the rest of the game, it’s a ■■■■ fest of busted 1s and 0s and they’re just taking advantage of how it turned out. Enjoy banning the little community you have left. Especially those who get kicked cause of your crappy servers. A+ job :ok_hand:


I just want to say thanks to both TC and the quitters who lost my team ranked points tonight.

Thanks TC for not taking into account when a player quits and punishing the affected team. I love it when that happens.

Also thanks for your unstable servers TC.

Finally, thank you to the people who genuinely quit tonight. I loved losing 300>450 ranked points each time, despite being extremely positive k/d wise and being 1st or 2nd on my team despite the loss of player.

I also loved losing 359 points for being MVP in a match we were meant to lose and did, and had a player quit on us in the first round in the first minute of the game.

What an enjoyable experience