Quitters ruining ranked

Coalition you got to do something I’m tired of quitters ruining my chances to achieve diamond ranked in KOTH, it is not fair to people that are putting in the hard work and down a man due to someone quitting to then penalize the people that loss with a negative score it should be 0 points not negative ones.

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Its just not the the quitters, there are players on my team who avoid breaking or capturing the circle which then I get penalized after the lost the Coalition needs to clean this up yesterday and the day before i played 11 KOTH matches lost two fairly, and lost 5 dude to quitting or someone not playing right on my team which resulted me from achieving diamond instead I went from almost Diamond to almost Onyx 1 it’s just not fair.

OMFG, TC this guy posted a different one. Wth.

@TC_Clown Come down from your Fast-Pace circus and delete this! :neutral_face:

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Honestly, can we build a forum gulag?